Bradford District Pupil Voice Survey

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We would like to better understand what is happening in your school councils and pupil voice initiatives - and to hear what could help you give learners more voice and influence within your school or local community.

We would like to share a link to our Bradford District Pupil Voice and School Councils survey.


It can be completed it less than five minutes and is written for members of staff involved in delivering school council or wider pupil voice work. The survey is open until 31st March and we would be grateful if we received a response from your school.The survey is from the Living Well Schools team in the Department of Public Health at Bradford Metropolitan District Council.


Why we are gathering this information.

We understand the role that effective pupil voice and school councils can play in helping create a happy, healthy, safe and inclusive culture in your school – and not to mention how much pupils enjoy taking part.


We know that effective pupil voice can link to wider learning outcomes and support your schools’ work around SMSC and British Values, as well as providing an opportunity to help your children better understand democracy, children's rights and their local community.

Your responses to this survey will be used to inform the development of pupil voice resources and support, which will be available to schools from September. To build a support offer that best meets your needs and the needs of your pupils, we wanted to get your feedback on what would be most helpful for you in the future.


All information you provide will be used purely for the purposes of influencing the Living Well Schools Service and your information will not be shared outside of Bradford Metropolitan District Council


Published: 08/03/2024
Audience: Headteachers, SLT, Pupil Voice and Citizenship leads
Contact: Richard Cracknell

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