2023-24 Key Stage 4 Results Day Collection - Thursday 22nd August

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A local collection of provisional GCSE results will be taking place on Thursday 22nd August 2024. We will be contacting schools from 10.30 through to 4.00pm.

Once again, the Information Management Team are asking schools to submit their provisional KS4 results via the Results Collection page on Bradford Schools Online, on the 22nd August 2024.

We would like schools to take advantage of this opportunity as the more results we receive the better the quality of the insights into local performance that IMT can provide throughout the day. Consequently, we will be in a better position to highlight the hard work and achievements of young people across the Bradford District.

In order to reflect DfE changes for 2023/24, we will be asking for the inclusion of 2 new additional headline measures: entries into triple science (the percentage of pupils entered for biology, chemistry and physics) and entries into languages (the percentage of pupils entered for an EBacc language). Further DfE information and guidance can be found here.

The Results Collection page can be found in the Utilities section on BSO or can be accessed here.

Schools who have submitted their provisional results can access a district-wide report showing the performance of other participating schools alongside the overall Bradford result.

If your school requires assistance or has any issues that may delay your return, please email us at IMTDataTeam@bradford.gov.uk to let us know.


Published: 07/06/2024
Audience: Headteachers, Senior Leaders, Assessment Leads, School Business Managers
Contact: Jonathan Moody

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