Youth Advisory Group on policing, crime and community safety

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Young people aged between 13 to 21 are wanted to join the West Yorkshire Youth Advisory group on policing, crime and community safety.

Please share the following with any young people who may be interested in getting involved. 


Would you sign up to West Yorkshire's Youth Advisory Group?

The group meets a minimum of four times a year to discuss policing, crime and community safety issues which help to advise the Mayor and Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime.

The group is for young people aged between 13-21 who either live, work or study in West Yorkshire. The Youth Advisory Group does not require you to be an expert on any topic. Your personal views and comments are what are valued the most. We really appreciate your time and contribution, so we do reimburse you any reasonable travel costs as well as lunch and refreshments on the day. Please note that this is not a paid position.

For more information, please visit Youth Advisory Group - West Yorkshire Combined Authority (


Published: 27/10/2023
Audience: Secondary school, sixth forms and colleges
Contact: Rebecca Smith

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