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Physical & Medical Team






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Deborah Craig


 Specialist Teachers

Julie Vaughan


Ann Tolan


Ann Gabriel



Caroline Plum



Department of Children's Services

Physical & Medical Team 
Margaret McMillan Tower, Floor 3
Prince's Way,

Tel: 01274 439500





 About Us

 Physical & Medical Team

The team consists of specialist teachers who provide a service for children and their parents in mainstream schools and settings, including the home.

We support children with a range of physical difficulties and medical conditions within the age range birth to 25 years.

Children are referred via the form below or through notification from health professionals via an EA1 Form.

Children/ Students may have difficulties in the following areas:

  • Specific physical and medical conditions.
  • Accessing the curriculum because of constraints of physical disability.
  • Movement around school.
  • Fine motor skills (handwriting, pencil control, and scissor skills).
  • Gross motor skills (P.E. and co-ordination).
  • Self-help skills (continence issues, dressing etc). 

Range of Service

We give advice on the following:

  • Transition across school phases and between settings
  • Range of facilities and accessibility of different schools.
  • Specialist and adapted equipment.
  • Making buildings and the curriculum accessible.
  • Pupil specific resources for IT.
  • On meeting manual handling needs of pupils and on training providers.


 Support given

  • Loan of specialist equipment.
  • Ensure appropriate facilities and / or programmes are in place to meet the physical / medical needs of the child in conjunction with health professionals.
  • Ensure a personal care policy / medical care plan is in place if necessary.
  • Contribute to statutory assessment procedures.
  • Attend and contribute to Annual Review.
  • Advise on differentiation, teaching strategies and resources.
  • Contribute to short term targets.  
  • Liaise with outside agencies, parents and school staff.
  • Accompany parents on school visits. 


Referral form

The form for referring children can be found below. Our 30 minute Hub sessions are also available to book via the Skills 4 Bradford Website.

Referral Form


School Advice Sheets

Transition to Secondary School Advice Sheet for Transition in September 2022

Clicker in the Classroom

Supporting Fine and Gross Motor Skills to develop Handwriting

Supporting Students who have Difficulties Recording their own Work- SENDCO Advice

What Can I do if it is Difficult to Record My Work?- Student Advice

Wheelchair Handling Guidance 

Daily Living Skills Advice Sheet

Daily Living Skills Checklist

Pre-dressing Skills

Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

What is Hemiplegia?

Intimate Care Guidance

Guidance for nappy or pad changing

Risk Assessments for students with Physical & Medical Needs

Writing a PEEP: Toolkit for mainstream settings

Top Tips for Writing a PEEP





Resources and Information  

PDNET PD Net website

Changing places- accessible toileting facilities across the U.K.: 

Epilepsy Action Charity: factshets and online training 

Muscular Dystrophy UK Charity:

Spinal Muscular Atrophy Support 

Backup Trust : Spinal Cord Injury Information

Headway The Brain Injury Association

Levi Star Supporting Children with Brain Tumors

SCOPE Disability Equality Charity

Cerebral Palsy Sport

N.Q.T. Condition specific videos

Shine Charity Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus information for schools: 






Useful links 


Local Offer Bradford

Skills4bradford Website



Advice Sheets for Home Learning

Apps for Handwriting and Fine Motor at home

Helping handwriting at home

Fine motor activities to help handwriting at home

Videos for fine motor activities at home (Large file may take a short time to open)

Videos for hand warm up exercises (Large file may take a short time to open)

Touch Typing at home

Clicker 8 at home

Gross motor activities to help handwriting at home

Youth Sports Trust P.E. at Home ideas









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