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The Road Safety Team

What we do

The team is responsible for:  Road Safety Education, Training and Publicity across the Bradford District; with the aim of preventing road traffic casualties.  We work closely with our traffic engineers and partner organisations.

What is available for Primary and Secondary Schools / is there a charge?

We provide resources and deliver age appropriate sessions and assemblies covering;

  • Pedestrian Safety
  • Cycling Safety
  • Car Passenger Safety
  • Driver Safety

We are now in the process of booking schools in for Pedestrian Training and hall based sessions. If we are unable to visit your school this year, we have resources available that you can download and deliver yourselves. 



Educational resources for Primary Schools

Pedestrian Training Film – This film is usually shown before children in Year 3 are taken out for roadside training, however the film can be used as a stand-alone session and comes with a lesson plan. It is also suitable for other year groups.

Presentations - Engaging power point presentations with life-saving messages are available to download below. We hope the children will find them enjoyable and interesting. Your feedback is always appreciated -please fill in the feedback form below and email to

Key Stage 1 Presentation,  Year Three Film and Activity Sheet,  Year 4/5 Quiz and Presentation,  Year 6 Presentation, Feedback Form

Educational Resources for Secondary Schools

Presentations - As one of the roads most vulnerable age groups, we have put together this PowerPoint presentation for Year 7 students (follow link below). Please be aware this is a large file when downloading. Year 7 Presentation

Below are 3 x 45-minute sessions which can be delivered in class by teachers. Each session includes an engaging 5 minute film, followed by a 40 minute PowerPoint workshop. The sessions can be delivered individually and do not need to be done in order. Although developed for Y8 pupils, the sessions are suitable for a range of year groups and can be easily adapted to fit specific learning outcomes / discussion points specific to the different age groups etc. Please click on the links below. 

Session 1 - Distractions Session 1 Worksheet     Session 2 Perceptions of Safety     Session 3 Consequences 

Young Driver PowerPoint - This presentation covers the Fatal 4 - speeding, not wearing a seat belt, using a mobile phone and drink & drunk driving. Please note when downloading that this is large file. Young Driver Presentation 

‘Ditch the Distraction’ Playground markings - Using spray paint and a stencil template we're able to come out and install 'ditch the distraction' street art at exit points of the school grounds. The resulting images are designed to encourage teenagers to adjust their behaviour and 'ditch the distraction' when leaving the school grounds and crossing the road. There is not a charge to the schools for the artwork and installation. The artwork is not permanent and is designed to fade over time - examples can be found by following the link to the application form below. For more information or to order the artwork for your school please contact Tel: 01274 437409 or fill out the following form 'Ditch It' Application

Young Driver Workshops 

We are currently offering a FREE one hour workshop to be delivered in schools to young people in Years 12/13.

Each one hour workshop can be delivered to a maximum of 15 pupils with a total of four workshopes a day.

The sessions are delivered by a company called TTC who we have partnered with. The cost would usually be £150 per session but Bradford Council have provided the funding to enable the sessions to be offered to schools FREE OF CHARGE.

More information is available here Workshop Information

There is a limited number of workshops available. To avoid disappointment, please complete the following Registration Form with your details, as soon as possible and return them to

MAILOUTS (Primary Schools) 

At certain times of the year we send out resources to schools through the internal mail system. Below is a list of what we send so you can look out for it arriving.


'Zara & Hasan's Trip to the Seaside' Story Book & Parental Information - for children in reception class & their parents important information on seat belts and car seats. 


'Starting School Getting There Safely '- a leaflet for parents of children starting reception class - sent in time for the pupil / parent visits. 

'Good to Go' leaflet - information for Year 6 pupils - in time for pupils visiting their new secondary school.


'Starting School Getting Around Safely' Story Book & Parental Information - for children starting reception class and their parents. 


Be  Bright  Be  Seen - please encourage pupils to stay safe on the roads by wearing something fluorescent & reflective - especially when the clocks go back in October. See links below for printable activity sheets, KS1 Assembly plan and short PowerPoint presentation. Fluorescent and reflective stickers are also available (see link below). Please contact or 01274 437409 to order.

Be Bright;  Dot to Dot Pictogram; Reflective Stickers  Be Bright Power Point   Colour-me-bright   Foundation & KS1 Assembly Plan

For more information on 'Be Bright Be Seen', you may find the following websites useful: 

Brightkidz; Education Resources

School Gate Parking

We have resources available to help schools tackle parking problems outside the school gates at start and finish times. Parking banners to tie to the school railings are available on short term loan. We can also supply the following leaflet for parents - School Gate Parking Leaflet and a letter from the police is available on request. The team is happy to offer support in setting up Walking Buses and Park and Stride schemes. 

Useful websites:

The THINK! website contains a range of free, interactive, and fun road safety resources and lesson plans for children between 3-16 years. All resources are divided into age categories, making it easier to locate the appropriate resource required. 

Some of the resources include:

Below are some other websites where you will also find road safety resources.

Should you require further information on any of the sessions / resources please call 01274 437409 and leave a voiemail or email;



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