Road Safety

Road Safety


The Road Safety Team

The team is responsible for:  Road Safety Education, Training and Publicity across the Bradford District; with the aim of preventing road traffic casualties.  We work closely with our traffic engineers and partner organisations

What is available for Primary and Secondary Schools/is there a charge?

We provide resources and deliver age appropriate sessions and assemblies covering;

  • Pedestrian Safety
  • Cycling Safety
  • Car Passenger Safety
  • Driver Safety

Training is available for:

  • Year 3 – Practical Roadside Training – teaching pedestrian crossing strategies
  • Year 5/6 – Cycling Training – a playground based programme (this can also be delivered in conjunction with Bikeability)


*COVID 19 Update*

Due to the current situation and the challenges we are all facing, there is a possibility that the Road Safety Team will be unable to visit all schools this academic year. It is extremely important that the children still receive some road safety education, so we have put together these (please follow links below) engaging power point presentations with life-saving messages, that we hope the children will find enjoyable and interesting.


Road Safety Presentations for Primary Schools

Key Stage 1 Presentation,  Year Three Film and Activity Sheet,  Year 4/5 Quiz and Presentation,  Year 6 Presentation, Feedback Form


*New Secondary School Campaign ‘Ditch the Distraction’ *


A new West Yorkshire safety campaign ‘Ditch the Distraction’ is being launched in Bradford to keep school pupils safe on the roads. The campaign a runner-up in Government Awards for community safety, get its message across through street art strategically positioned at exit points in secondary school grounds. Aimed specifically at teenage pedestrians, it is designed to encourage them to adjust their behaviour and ‘Ditch the Distraction’ - mobiles, headphones and i-pods when crossing the road. Urging young people walking near the road or cycling to keep their mobile phones and headphones in their pocket or bag until they are in a place where they can use it safely. There is no charge to schools for the Artwork and the installation will be carried out free of charge by the Road Safety Team. The Artwork is not permanent and is designed to fade over time, examples of the Artwork can be found by following the link to the application form below.

For more information on the campaign or to order the Artwork for your school please contact Tel: 01274 437409 or fill out the following form 'Ditch It' Application


Driver Safety  - FREE TTC Young Driver Workshop - funded by Bradford Council’s Road Safety Team

TTC has a track record built over 27 years, educating over 500,000 road users every year. Research shows that the combination of youth and inexperience puts younger drivers at high risk. Road crashes are the biggest single killer of young people in the UK - TTC are currently offering a  FREE one hour workshop to be delivered in schools to 15 young people in Years 12/13 (a total of four workshops can be delivered in a day)

Each one-hour workshop is £150 this has been funded by Bradford Council, it is FREE to schools. More information is available here Workshop Information

We have a very limited number of workshops available please complete the following form Registration Form with your details and return them to




We distribute resources and information to schools, children’s centres, libraries, health, medical and community centres.


Be Bright Be Seen - In addition to the dangers children normally face as vulnerable road users, they will now be making journeys in the dark. If you would like to encourage pupils to stay safe on the roads by being bright we have attached Be Bright Be Seen activity sheets.

Fluorescent and reflective stickers are also available from the Road Safety Team (see link). Please contact Road Safety on or 01274 437409 to order.

Be Bright;  Dot to Dot Pictogram; Reflective Stickers

For more information on Be Bright Be Seen, you may find the following websites useful: 

Brightkidz; Education Resources


Bookings for the new academic year 2020/21- Due to the current restrictions unfortunately all bookings have been cancelled unitl further notice. We are constantly reviewing the situation so please be assured, if you do have a date booked later this academic year we will try and fulfil this. Please email or call 01274 437409 (please leave a message) if you have any queries relating to bookings.


Starting School Getting There Safely - For parents of those children starting reception class, information booklets have now been sent out to primary's - you can request an electronic copy also.


Transition – A power point package for year 7’s in the new school term. All secondary schools should now have recieved our 'Good to Go' leaflets containing information on safer travel for year 7 students who missed their transition period in year 6.


RouteGuard – This is an app which allows parents to plan a safe walking route with their child. Promoting independent travel for the child whilst providing re-assurance for parents with an alert system should the child deviate from the planned walking route. RouteGuard is useful to promote with year 6/7 as they will begin making more independent journeys.


Social Distancing Guides Authorisation and Artwork Produced by Bradford Council’s Highways Services 

Covid Poster; Highway Application; Social Distancing


Pedestrian Training Film – Year 3 – This film is usually shown before children are taken out for roadside training. The film can be used as a stand-alone session and comes with a lesson plan. It is suitable for other year groups.


Should you require further information on any of the sessions/support packages please email;

Useful websites:



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