News and Updates

News and Updates

Revised Range Guidance Pilot

The draft Revised Range Guidance Spreadsheet can be found here:

Revised Range Guidance Exel Spreadsheet

Revised Range Guidance instructions and Descriptors

To add items to the range guidance, or give any other feedback please email:



Slides from the 'Reviewing the School Based SEND Review' mini conference, 17th July 2018

Notional SEN Funding

This is the funding identified in a school's budget for school based SEN support and the school's contribution towards any  EHCPs.

2018 - 9

2017- 18

Feedback from Single Panel (EHCP)

Data 08.05.18

My Support Plan    
Total Requests   55
Agreed     34
Declined     21
Reasons for declining MSP's  
Unclear Requests   1
R3 MSP     10
Insufficient evidence   2
Not Range 4   5
Seek additional information 3
Requests for Assessment  
Total Requests   211
Agreed     172
Declined     39
Reasons for declining Assessment  
Needs can be met in school  5
Not Range 4   13
R3 MSP 8
Insufficient Information   11
Incomplete referrals   2
Requests to Issue EHCP    
Total Requests   196
Agreed     150
Declined     46
Reasons for declining to Issue EHCP
Not Range 4   2
Insufficient evidence   4
Issue Non funded MSP   16
No evidence EHCP will deliver on aspirations 1
Explore options for provision in Bradford and OLA and return to panel 1
Plan incomplete 7
Deferred for more information 11
Period of assessment required in provision 1
Unclear on pathway 1
Discussion required around meeting needs 1
Refer to Complex Care Panel 1



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