Notification of New School Meals Prices from 31st October 2022

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I am writing to inform you that in keeping with previous years, a review of the school meal prices has been undertaken.

The outcome of this review is that, from the 31st October 2022, the recommended standard school meal prices will be as follows:


PRICE (per meal)

Nursery                                              £1.80

Primary / Special                               £2.00

Adult Full Meal                                  £3.30

Adult Main Course Only                   £2.40

Adult Dessert Course Only              £1.20


Individual schools do have discretion over the price of their lunchtime meals, but the majority of schools do adhere to this guide price in order to keep pace with inflation.


The last couple of years have seen a minimum 20% increases in meal ingredient costs and 10% increases in labour costs, with the latter being mainly due to rises in the living wage. Yet despite these inflationary pressures, FM Catering have minimised their impact by improving our efficiency and maintaining high meal uptake levels.


School meal prices in the Bradford district remain amongst the lowest in the country, and are still excellent value for money for a nutritionally balanced 2 course lunch. This 5p price rise will benefit schools by increasing paid meal income, helping to reduce the net cost of service and to keep down future contract charges to schools.


A further rise in April 2023 is likely to be required. By taking this staggered approach in line with the menu changes, the burden to families struggling in the current climate will hopefully be minimised.


Where you intend to follow this recommendation, please could you inform parents in any Autumn end of term communication you may make, and include if possible, details of the Benefits Service (01274 432771/2/3) to help ensure that those who qualify for free meal entitlement, will take up that option.


If you decide not to follow this recommendation, please inform both your Area Operations Manager and myself of the alternative price for meals that will apply as from 31/10/22 at your school.


If you require any further information or clarification, please contact me on 07582 101418.


NB: This 5p price increase recommendation only applies to schools that are currently charging £1.95 per meal. All other schools who have their meal price currently set higher than this can of course follow suit and apply an additional increase if they see fit.


Published: 04/10/2022
Audience: Primary School Head Teachers and School Business Managers
Contact: Craig Webb

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