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Update from the CME team.

We are dealing with an extremely high volume of referrals into the CME inbox, we are endeavouring to respond as quickly as possible. The process of our checks may take a minimum of 6-8 weeks because we liaise with multiple external partners. Please be aware of this before contacting us for an update, we would ask that you don't make contact for an update if you have submitted your referral less than 6 weeks ago.

Updates will be provided to the referrer named on the referral form as soon as we have concluded our enquiries, this is when we can say that as per the requirements, ‘joint enquiries’ have been exhausted and agree an off-rolling date.

As a reminder, where there are siblings at other schools, please liaise with them before making a referral. In some cases, the other schools may have located the family through enquiries and therefore a referral will not be required. Also, where a family have provided an address in another Local Authority, enquiries must be made with that authority to try confirm the whereabouts of the family before making a referral. You can off roll without the need for a CME referral if the receiving Local Authority can confirm to you that the children have started school or they have applications in process. If the family have provided an address out of the country and you are satisfied that they have left on permanent basis and have no safeguarding concerns, you can off-roll without the need for a CME referral. The off roll proforma is still required for all pupil's taken off roll at non-standard transition points.

If a child is to be referred as CME, as soon as school have completed their reasonable enquiries (Details on our BSO page), the child can be referred. We would ask that the referral is made no longer than 10 school days after a child last attended or their whereabouts were last known.

Full details of CME procedures can be found on our page:


Published: 02/11/2021
Audience: Attendance Officers, Persons responsible for CME
Contact: Amy Petschak

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