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Our Education Buildings pages offer Head Teachers, Business Managers, Site Managers and teachers a variety of advice in relation to Health and Safety matters, funding and building processes.

Our asbestos page provides an overview of the requirements of Regulation 4 of the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 and the services our Asbestos Management Unit offer all schools.

The Construction Design Management (CDM) page highlights the changes made to CDM regulations in April 2015 and how these changes put more responsibility on you.

Dry Rot can pose a H&S risk and be costly to treat, our Guidance and Advise page provides all the information you need to recognise and reduce the risks associated with dry rot.

Our Energy Efficiency page directs you to potential funding opportunities for energy initiatives within your school.

School maintenance is essential, our Essential School Maintenance page highlights your legal duty and focuses upon maintenance of school buildings and assets.

The spread of fire can happen rapidly. Our Fire Prevention page provides important information on the dangers of breaching fire stopping/separation walls and using inexperienced contractors.

Our Illegal Encampments on school sites page provides a step-by-step guide of removing unauthorised encampments from your site.

The Legionella Statutory Duty page identifies your responsibilities under the Approved Code of Practice (ACop) for Legionella Control: L8 and BS8580 and provides details of whom you should contact for further advice.

Building projects no matter how big or small come with certain Financial and safety risks, which need to be carefully managed. We offer free Managing Construction Project Training Workshops where we provide clear and concise advice on how to reduce these risks.

Schools have an obligation to ensure that any works undertaken on the school estate is undertaken in a way that meets all applicable legislation. The School Building Works Notification page guides though the process of obtaining Landlord’s Approval.

Every month we circulate a Funding Newsletter to help you identify potential grant funding. We also deliver Securing and Managing Grant Funding workshops where we provide tools to develop funding strategies, gain practical hands-on experience of grant sourcing, bid writing and bid management.



Published: 10/03/2021
Audience: All school community
Contact: Client Services

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