Education based Emotional Wellbeing Practitioners (EEWP) Team

Education based Emotional Wellbeing Practitioners (EEWP) Team



It is normal for children and young people to experience mild to moderate emotional well-being difficulties, such as worry, anxiety and low mood.

During a child or young person’s life there are transitions which can be challenging and therefore require additional support to manage. Those children experiencing these difficulties in school may benefit from short-term, tailored early intervention or support from an EEWP to facilitate their recovery, as part of the graduated response.

The therapeutic work of EEWPs is underpinned by evidenced-based, child focused approaches. The aim of the EEWPs is to work proactively in educational settings to improve children and young people’s emotional wellbeing. EEWPs will provide support to children and young people with persistent mild to moderate difficulties, on a one-to-one, small group basis or through whole class workshops. We work in schools, colleges and early years’ settings to provide low intensity, evidence based interventions such as guided self-help based on cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and Therapeutic Storywriting.


The Education based Emotional Wellbeing Practitioners (EEWP) Team

The EEWP team is fully funded and there is no cost to schools for this service.

Using the referral pathway below, schools need to consider carefully whether a referral is appropriate.

Referral criteria:

  • Referrals can only be accepted from schools that are not linked with an NHS Mental Health Support Team.

  • The emotional difficulty must be mild to moderate.

  • The child or young person must be aged between 0-25 and be attending school or college.

  • A referral cannot be processed unless there is evidence of parent/carer consent - please see referral form for details of appropriate evidence.

  • The child or young person must not be currently accessing or engaging in intervention with any other external service

  • We accept referrals for children and young people with My Support Plans (MSP) and Education Health Care Plans (EHCP). Please attach a copy to the referral form.


The Referral Form (including Consent Form) can be accessed here.

A WAGOLL referral form can be accessed here.


The Referral Pathway




For further information/any queries, please contact: uk 






Useful Websites

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Includes: Mental Health Champion Project information, Workshops and Meetings. 
Mental Health Champion Parent Workshops: focusing on supporting CYP with anxiety related to perceptions of falling behind with their school work. Future topics around Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing. 

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