Bradford Nurture Group Network

Bradford Nurture Group Network

0-25 SEND Inclusive Education Service - support

Support is available from the service, for schools wishing to establish/ develop nurture group provision.

The Specialists teachers are able to offer the following to schools:

  • Initial meetings with senior management teams as schools consider nurture group provision
  • Whole staff training in the theory & practice of nurture groups
  • A link to the National Nurture Group Network and to their staff team
  • Half-termly support via the local network meetings
  • Support for active nurture groups as requested
  • Support with on-going training, particularly with the assignment that those completing the certificate course will be undertaking
  • Support for schools who are working towards the achievement of the Marjorie Boxall Quality Mark Award
  • Information about the 3-day certificate course for nurture group practitioners

Contact Sara Burgess - or David Chadwick -

Bradford Nurture Group Network

There is an active Bradford Nurture Group Network which links closely with the NurtureUK and which meets each half term on Friday mornings 9.30 to 11.00 am at different nurture group venues throughout the city.

The Bradford Network is comprised of primary, secondary and special school representatives who are at various stages of nurture group development - from those who have well established groups that have been running for up to two years, those who have started in recent months, others who are at the planning stage and who are looking to start their group soon, and others who are at a much earlier stage and who are just beginning to consider whether a nurture group might be right for their school.

The meetings are informal and as well as there being a focus for discussion each time, meetings also offer a chance for schools to offer each other support, to bring along child cases studies for discussion and to have space for sharing and problem solving.

New members are always welcome and information about future meetings should be available through this page or by contacting Lynda Hitchen.

A copy of the minutes of the last meetings are available below.  Any handouts from this meeting will be available to download at the foot of the section below containing "relevant information/documents for schools".

Schools are encouraged to join the National Network as a first step to nurture group development in their school and to work towards the achievement of the Marjorie Boxall National Nurture Group Network Quality Mark qualification. Please click here for link to latest Quaility Mark document.

Dates, venues for the up and coming Network meetings are below.

The meeting times are always 09.30 - 11.00am

Meeting dates for 18/19

12 Oct 2018 – Venue – Hollingwood Primary

07 Dec 2018 – Venue  - All Saints Primary Bfd

01 Feb 2019 – Venue - Dixons Marchbank

29 Mar 2019 – Venue Hanson Schoool

24 May 2019 – Venue Dixon's kings Academy

05 Jul 2019 – Venue Riddlesden St Mary's


Previous minutes for the Network meetings are below:

Minutes for the 17/18 meetings:

Minutes of 13 Oct 2017 - venue - All Saints Primary Bfd / Minutes of 01 Dec 2017 - venue - Beckfoot Upper Heaton

Minutes of 02 Feb 2018 - venue - Steeton Primary / Minutes of 23 Mar 2018 - venue - Marshfield Primary

Minutes 25 May 2018 - venue - Peel Park Primary / Minutes 06 Jul 2018 - venue - Beckfoot Oakbank School

Minutes for the 16/17 meetings:

Minutes 07.10.16 Ilkley Grammar / Minutes 09.12.16 Knowleswood Primary

Minutes 03.02.17 Beckfoot Upper Heaton / Minutes 24.03.17 Oakbank School

Minutes 12.05.17 Hollingwood Primary / Minutes 07.07.17 Beckfoot Upper Heaton

Minutes for the 15/16 meetings:

17.06.16 / 13.05.16 / 18.03.16 / 05.02.16 / 11.12.15 / 09.10.15

Quotes from schools

“From identifying children's developmental gaps through the Boxall Profile, to enriching children's needs in a comfy, (small) space.

We are providing:

'Magic Mondays' breakfast club in The Nest with children who may spend their weekends with different family members or who need that extra attention in accessing school on a Monday morning. We discuss weekend activities and I prepare them for the week ahead, explaining any changes to their normal routine.

'Friday Round-Up' does the same but in reverse. We celebrate successes from the week and discuss our plans for the weekend ahead.

Both groups are around the table sharing the breakfast experience!

Regular groups with identified children, show that academic progress can be made when their social and emotional needs are met.

Keeping children in mind and using strategies from Marjorie Boxall, help the nurturing ethos in our school  go from strength to strength!"


Gillian Dyson, Pastoral & Learning Mentor, Oxenhope C of E Primary School


The NurtureUK is the most vital link to the Boxall Profile assessment document and all other templates for policies, procedures and good practice and also provides a link to research articles, relevant publications and to information about the availability of the 3 day certificate course.

The following information/documents are relevant for schools:

Developing a Nurture Group

Nurture Group Operational Guidelines

Maslow's Hotspots

Glasgow Nurture Group Research updated April 2012

Article related to Glasgow Research

Nurture Group Handbook - Wales

Link to Somerset Nurture Group guidelines:

Ofsted extracts September 2009

Ofsted Nurture Group Report July 2011

Ofsted Nurture Group Research July 2011

Ofsted data for Bradford schools with a Nurture Group

The Nurturing Classroom

6 Stages of a Crisis

Example of an excellent school parental leaflet

Example of an excellent school Nurture Group referral form

Ofsted document - Addition Provision to Manager Behaviour and the Use of Exclusion

"The Effects of Developmental Trauma"

Resource developed from Maslow - rejected and fully developed wall

Readiness for re-integration scale and action planning


Schools with established nurture groups

These schools have said they are happy to receive visitors, those marked with a * have the Quality Mark.


Schools, Organisation or Dept


Lisa Hooley *Brackenhill Primary School
Carolyn Depledge *Hollingwood Primary
Angela Jacques Home Farm Primary School
Liz Midgley *Ingrow Primary School
  *Lapage Primary School  
Sherrie Lake *Lidget Green Primary School
Ros Ryley *Lower Fields Primary School
Dawn Peacock *Parkland Primary School 
Carol Hall *Christ Church Primary Academy
Thomas Nowakowski Peel Park Primary
Christine Thompson Knowleswood Primary School


Dixons Music Primary Nurture Group - "Our first graduation!"

A piece of work undertaken looking at the impact of Nurture Groups in Bradford, particularly once they have been running for two years or more. The results are extremely encouraging and show that:

  • 69% have shown a reduction in the number of fixed-term exclusions
  • 63% have shown a reduction in the number of children who have needed to be referred individually to the Behavoural Emotional Social Difficulties Team


Whetley Nurture group sessions.

Run by Sam @ theforestclassroom -Video link

Sam Colman, Contact: Mob: 07891 555049


The National Nurturing Schools Programme

For more information please visit

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