Contacts for Social, Communication, Interaction & Learning Team (SCIL Team)

Contacts for Social, Communication, Interaction & Learning Team (SCIL Team)

The SCIL Team sits under the 0-25 Specialist Teaching & Support Services

Known previously as High Incidence


City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council, Department of Children's Services

0-25 Specialist Teaching & Support Services

Social, Communication, Interaction & Learning Team (SCIL Team)

Margaret McMillan Tower (3rd floor), Princes Way, Bradford BD1 1NN


Business Support contact 01274 439500

The best way to make contact with the team is via email

It you know who you wish to contact please email them direct on the below email:


Lucy Stead Service Manager
Cognition & Learning (C&L)
Fiona Whitaker Lead Specialist Teacher C&L
Jemma Haynes Specialist Teacher - C&L
Joanne Callaghan Specialist Teacher - C&L
Katy Walker Specialist Teacher - C&L
Malgorzata Lewalski Specialist Teacher - C&L
Nicola Gaunt Specialist Teacher - C&L
Sabina Iqbal Specialist Teacher - C&L
Communication & Interaction (C&I)
Ruth Pecher Lead Specialist Teacher - C&I
Hannah Rowlands Specialist Teacher - C&I
Jason Bew Specialist Teacher - C&I
Joanne Boden-Hook Specialist Teacher - C&I
Jodie Mercer Specialist Teacher - C&I
Nicola Weston Specialist Teacher - C&I
Rachel Porter Specialist Teacher - C&I
Tasleem Alam Specialist Teacher - C&I
Esther Veal Specialist Teacher - C&I
Social Emotional, Mental Health (SEMH)
Sara Burgess Lead Specialist Teacher SEMH
Alison Copley Specialist Teacher - SEMH
Amanda Aldin Specialist Teacher - SEMH
Carlie Watts  Specialist Teacher - SEMH
David Chadwick Specialist Teacher - SEMH
Justine Burnhill Specialist Teacher - SEMH
Rebecca Hayward Specialist Teacher - SEMH
Sharon Carr Specialist Teacher - SEMH
Martina Woodworth Specialist Teacher - SEMH
Specialist Teacher - Early Years
  Lead Specialist Teacher - Early Years  
Deborah Gibbs Specialist Teacher - Early Years
Elizabeth Pawson Specialist Teacher - Early Years
Louise Parkman Specialist Teacher - Early Years
Nasrat Raqib Specialist Teacher - Early Years
Rachel James Specialist Teacher - Early Years
Sylvia Cramp Specialist Teacher - Early Years
  Specialist Teacher - Early Years  
Practitioners, Access & Inclusion Officers, Officer for EYIF
Shelley Donnison Lead Specialist Officer
Deborah Bower Specialist Practitioner - SEMH, EYs & C&L
Fern Burton Specialist Practitioner -SEMH & C&L
Hannah Rattenbury Specialist Practitioner -SEMH & C&I
Julie Wilson Specialist Practitioner - C&L
Kate Armitage Specialist Practitioner - C&I & SEMH
Kirsty Regan               Specialist Practitioner - C&I & SEMH
Leanne Ingham Specialist Practitioner - C&I & SEMH
Samantha Redgrave Specialist Practitioner - EYs & C&I
Shabana Ahmed Specialist Practitioner - EYs & C&I
Sharon Light Specialist Practitioner -SEMH, EYs & C&I
Tracey Watson Specialist Practitioner - SEMH, EYs & C&L
Paula Hart Project Support Officer for EYIF
Amy Brotherton Access & Inclusion Officer
Beverley Ellis Access & Inclusion Officer
Heather Gibson Access & Inclusion Officer
Julie Coverdale Access & Inclusion Officer
Lisa Bradley Access & Inclusion Officer
  Access & Inclusion Officer  
Business Support
Main help number is 01274 439500
Lynda Hitchen Business Support Manager
Angela King Business Support Officer
Heather Varo Business Support Officer
Charlotte McLaughlan Business Support Officer
Karen Bickerton Business Support Officer

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