Moving Up to High School? Free Mental Health Webinars Available

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If your pupils are about to transition to high school, we can help to make the journey smoother and create a safe space to explore feelings around the changes. Trusted by schools in your area, our FREE webinars are just the thing for your pupils.

The Moving Up sessions have been delivered via webinar across Bradford and Craven for the last four years and have engaged hundreds of learners from across the district. 

The short film watched before the sessions follow the fictional story of Toby who has recently moved from primary to secondary school. The session provides:

  • learners a chance to share how they feel about moving up schools. 
  • practical tips on moving up. 

The session includes findings from the School Transition and Adjustment Research Study which aimed to find out what helps children make a successful move to secondary school. 


We are Youth in Mind: 

  • We run free live Health & Wellbeing Webinars
  • Delivered digitally, directly into your school 
  • All focused around health and wellbeing

We run film and interactive sessions which aim to get pupils thinking and talking about issues that affect them, what they are worried about and look at coping strategies to improve the way they look after themselves. After a short film, pupils will be invited to get involved in a classroom discussion via our experienced youth worker on a webinar link. 

Designed for pupils, we deliver relevant digital episodes around mental health and wellbeing by fully trained engaging experts. 

We will deliver a digital session directly into your classroom via a webinar broadcast link! 

Contact us now to book your free session or for more information:


Tel: 01274 897714

Feedback from schools in your area:

“It has transformed what we have been doing in assemblies” Jonathan Kennedy, Assistant Head Teacher, Belle Vue Girls Academy 

“Incredibly engaging, incredibly transformative” Jonathan Kennedy, Assistant Head Teacher, Belle Vue Girls Academy 

“Our pupils with a vision impairment responded incredibly well to the weekly sessions. They enabled the children to articulate themselves about health and mental wellbeing.” Grace Barrowclough - Grove House Primary School 

“Instant, engaging and got the pupils talking and opening up about things they hadn’t spoken about before. I’d urge any of the schools to get involved” - Luke Hirst, Head of Year 7, Belle Vue Girls Academy 


Published: 21/04/2023
Audience: Year 6
Contact: Daniel Carroll

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