Statutory Assessment over the summer holidays

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EHCAs submitted on the portal from May to mid June will result in professional assessments being carried out when schools are closed over the summer. This means the child will not be assessed in context and there will be no consultation with school staff.

Dear Sencos,

Please be aware that requests for statutory assessment (EHCA) made from early May to mid June will result in educational psychology advice being due during the summer holidays. The implication of this is that the EP will be unable to assess the child in context or speak to people who know them well in order to form a clear view of their needs and appropriate outcomes and provision.


Due to the statutory timeline, once the assessment is requested, we have no option but to complete the EP assessment within a 6 week period. This year we had a number of parents and schools asking for assessments to be repeated as they didn't feel the assessment represented the child sufficiently. In order to prevent this happening again, please help us by avoiding the weeks rated as red or amber. In this way we can ensure the best possible assessment leading to better outcomes for the child.





Published: 23/03/2023
Audience: Sencos
Contact: Ruth Dennis

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