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Generation Genome is a free resource developed in a partnership between KMTV Television, The British Film Institute Young Audiences Content Fund and The University of Kent who are looking for partners/secondary schools to use/share and help develop the resource described below.

The first series is available here  and series one features a local Bradford school!

Generation Genome - overview

In six action-packed television episodes Generation Genome takes its young audience on a thrilling exploration of cutting edge science, placing them at the centre of a critical debate about genetics, ethics, religion and society. It takes cutting-edge, research informed content directly from lab bench to desk.

Using a mix of fascinating biographical case studies, funky animations and ‘Question Time’ style ‘Group Chats’ the fresh and edgy format sees world leading scholars team up with teenagers to ask some big questions including ‘are religion and genetics compatible?’ ‘can dinosaurs be brought back to life?’ or, ‘is it immoral to gene edit embryos to cure disease?’.

Public service broadcasting and social impact were at the heart of Generation Genome leading to a unique partnership between KMTV Television, The British Film Institute Young Audiences Content Fund and The University of Kent.

More than 1,000 school children aged 13 to 16 from state schools across the country were involved in making the series. Filming took part in locations across the UK including Bradford, Belfast, Cardiff, Dorset, Kent, Leeds and Manchester.

Less than twenty per-cent of this demographic have ever taken part in an outreach activity. Indeed many of our young audience have never left the locality in which they live. Generation Genome takes them on a televisual expedition to churches and mosques, national science laboratories, festivals, farms, hospitals, museums, coastlines and green spaces to meet an array of colourful characters in the fields of theology, genomics, psychology philosophy, law and more.

The project gave a diverse and talented crew of young producers, cinematographers, animators, scriptwriters and researchers the chance to take on roles that would not ordinarily be open to them at such an early career stage – coaching and mentoring the next generation of creative professionals to enter the television industry at an accelerated pace.

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Published: 22/03/2023
Audience: Science departments
Contact: Sarah Hawkins

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