YMCA Shaping Futures Youth Mentoring Programme for 16-21 Year Olds

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YMCA Bradford is recruiting 16-21 year olds who are interested in becoming youth mentors for other young people experiencing a difficult transition.

YMCA Shaping Futures is a Youth-led emotional wellbeing mentoring programme for young people who are, have recently been or are at risk of becoming, NEET, and have experienced some kind of difficult transition (such as moving to Bradford from another city or country or moving school) and who would be interested in mentoring other people who are experiencing a similar difficult transition. The project is starting now and runs throughout 2023.

The project will divide roughly into four parts: 

  • Recruitment and setting up how the project will run with input from both participants and staff
  • mentoring participants and ensuring they are ready to train to be a mentor
  • full mentor training for those who are ready and wish to become mentors
  • matching mentors with mentees and running supervised mentoring sessions 

Using their personal experience and training, mentors will be assigned a mentee who they will spend time getting to know and supporting. This will always be within a safe environment with staff available to support as necessary. Young people will only progress on to become mentors as and when both they and we feel they are ready to start mentoring. They will require a DBS check before they can start mentoring. 

There will also be the opportunity to be involved in social actions which will be decided, planned and conducted by the group. Plus, we will offer the opportunity to complete a Princes' Trust Achieve qualification.

If you know of someone who is interested in joining YMCA Shaping Futures or wish to know more, please contact Rachel Deadman by email (rachel.deadman@bradfordymca.org.uk) or by phone on 01274 371304.



Published: 24/02/2023
Audience: Staff working with 16+ year olds at risk of becoming NEET
Contact: Rachel Deadman

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