Race Equality Network - free training. Initial online meeting 10am 1.2.23

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The Race Equality Network has developed a new training programme, Power & Belonging, which is currently free and open to senior leaders from various sectors including Schools and Councils in Bradford and beyond.

This is a really exciting package: full of knowledge sharing, introspective work and reflection. It is a package that will give you confidence to create impact professionally and personally in the equity, diversity and inclusion space.

By completing this training programme attendees will:

  1. Improve knowledge and awareness of power & belonging in relation to your role
  2. Ability to put the theory and knowledge into practice in professional spaces
  3. Identify techniques to address inappropriate or racist behaviours and outdated attitudes and develop understanding of concepts such as white privilege 
  4. Be equipped with the skills and confidence to raise and resolve issues around social inequality. 
  5. Learn to adopt techniques to promote positivity within the conversation, structure challenging conversations and maintain positive relationships to achieve the desired results. 

Please see the eventbrite link to the initial meeting or contact THETEAPOTOLLECTIVE@GMAIL.COM


Published: 31/01/2023
Audience: Head teachers and senior leaders
Contact: Jenny Fox

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