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COURSES START WITH : · Introduction to Down syndrome FREE (January) plus much, much more....


Just follow the link to download our training booklet, find further details of our many courses and book a place.


· Introduction to Down syndrome FREE (January)

· Signing and children with Down syndrome (NOT SCHEDULED)

· Teaching basic number skills to children with Down syndrome using the Numicon approach (January)

· Let’s make it visual — using visual resources to develop the language, communication and literacy skills of children with Down syndrome (February)

· The inclusion of children with Down syndrome - expectations of behaviour (Feb)

· Reading, Language Intervention for children with Down syndrome (March)

· Six week behaviour course for parents/carers WORKSHOP (March—April)

· Transition evening WORKSHOP (May)

· ME, my body, my friends, my life - SRE and Down syndrome WORKSHOP (May)

· Teaching number skills beyond 10, time & money (June)

· Three week ‘toilet training for all ages’ WORKSHOP ONLINE (Jan/Feb & Jun/Jul)


Published: 21/11/2022
Audience: staff working with children and young people who have Down syndrome
Contact: Wendy Uttley

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