Appleton Academy are consulting to open a new Resourced Provision

To be completed by: Fri 02 Dec 2022

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What are we consulting on - Developing a new 12 placed Resourced Provision (RP-LA) for primary aged children with Communication and Interaction needs including Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD)) at Appleton Academy.

This provision will be staffed and managed centrally by the Local Authority. The provision will be part of the school and its ethos. Pupils accessing the provision will be on the roll of the school. The school and the teacher in charge of the RP-LA will work closely together to ensure pupils have individual learning opportunities and are able to access as much mainstream education as the individual pupil is able to, in order to meet their needs.


Appleton Academy

Appleton Academy already have a successful Resourced Provision called ‘The Compass’ for secondary aged children with Communication and Interaction Inc. Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

The Statutory Proposal is now to establish a new Specialist Resourced Provision for up to 12 primary aged children.

The Resourced Provision aims to provide:

  • Specialist education and support within a mainstream school to meet the needs of the EHCP.
  • Opportunities for pupils to progress both socially and academically through individual learning plans.
  • Access to a safe learning environment within the wider school and the Resourced Provision.
  • Space to learn and develop valuable life skills.


The vision is to allow pupils to access their education within a mainstream class, allowing them to be fully included in school life. The pupils spend as much time as possible within their mainstream class but have a specialist classroom which they can access specialist support if they need to during the school day. Pupils can also take part in any relevant interventions required for their development in the Resourced Provision, and are given access to specialist equipment and facilities when needed.


The Local authority are supporting this and will project manage and fund this development from the High Needs Capital Funding. 

Bradford has a range of specialist provision such as:

  • Special Schools
  • Early Years Enhanced Provision
  • Resourced Provisions


What is a Resourced Provision?

The provisions are within a mainstream school, designed to provide specialist and targeted support for children and young people with an EHCP. Children accessing a RP will be on the roll of the mainstream school and will be fully supported by the specialist RP staff and the staff of the mainstream school working in partnership.

See document here or website for further details.


How do I respond to the consultation?

The consultation will be open from the 7th November until 2nd December for you to share your views.

First read the Frequently Asked Questions here  


Please click on the link below and answer a few simple questions to share your view on the proposal:


If you would prefer a paper copy please contact the school office.






Published: 07/11/2022
Audience: All Headteachers and Staff
Contact: Diane Cochrane

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