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If you use Corona as your energy provider through the Council’s YPO contract then this information is important for you.

Please note that as part of that existing contract with Corona, if energy bills remain in arrears then Corona have the jurisdiction to manage the debt collection.  They are entitled to do this as per the contracts terms and conditions but, if they do, then an additional charge of 0.1p for every kWh consumption recorded is applied. Our Energy Team advise you to pay your bill as quickly as possible or contact Corona to discuss any issues.

To assist customers signed up to this contract in tracking their gas bills, our Energy Centre will ask Corona to give the customers access to Corona’s online portal so that bills can be viewed online.  Watch out for the email from Corona in relations to this if it applies to your school.

Should you have any issue with Corona then please don’t hesitate to copy Becky Charlesworth ( from our Energy Team into your correspondence with them.  This will then enable her to monitor the issue.


Published: 21/10/2022
Audience: Head, Business Managers, Finance Managers
Contact: Razwana Mahmood

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