Smoothwall Monitor, Cloud Filter & Cloud Portal training

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David Navin, Smoothwall Account Director, is delivering free online training sessions aimed at Designated Safeguarding Leads to introduce the new Smoothwall Cloud safeguarding system and the additional features within the Smoothwall Monitor solution.

This online session will cover:

  • Smoothwall Monitor new features - new group awareness, record management integration and alert profile configuration
  • Cloud Reporting - introduction of the new cloud safeguarding platform set up for all Designated Safeguarding Leads. This platform simplifies web reporting for safeguarding staff and highlights key areas of concern
  • Upcoming integration of filter, monitor and record management data into one single digital safeguarding portal.

This is a live online course which is being delivered on 2 separate dates - join up details will be provided to all registered delegates. Select the date you would like to attend, click on the link below and book your place.

18 Oct 13:30-14:30 - Smoothwall Monitor, Cloud Filter & Cloud Portal training 

19 Oct 13:30-14:30 - Smoothwall Monitor, Cloud Filter & Cloud Portal training 




Published: 29/09/2022
Audience: Designated Safeguarding Leads at Bradford Learning Network schools
Contact: Sarah Hawkins

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