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The Linking Network works with children and young people to build relationships with people they might otherwise not meet – people of different ages, ethnicities, religions and backgrounds – through providing resources, teacher training on SMSC, School Linking and Intergenerational Linking.

We are delighted to be recruiting for our 2022-23 linking programmes.  Details are below. There is no charge for these programmes for Bradford schools who would like to participate thanks to the support of Bradford Council. Please do get in touch to discuss how your school can get involved.

A virtual linking programme connecting 2 classes of students to help young people discover why connecting with others is something which can be positive for them and to explore with them how we live well together well.


The Linking Network offers a linking programme for Secondary Schools to connect their students which local schools have been using with great results. The programme is delivered in school in the classroom by the class teacher and the linking teachers exchange the ideas, perspectives and questions students have in between sessions. Schools can choose to incorporate face to face meetings between students as and when they wish. The 5 session programme is fully resources with downloadable session plans available on our website with training and support provided by TLN. 


The programme is offered free of charge to schools in the Bradford District due to funding received from  Bradford Council. 


If you’d like to know more about the programme please contact


Published: 13/09/2022
Audience: Secondary Headteachers and teachers interested in Schools Linking
Contact: Liz Firth

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