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Please share the following messages with parents and young people across any appropriate channels that you have available, to encourage them to stay safe over the school holidays.



It can be incredibly tempting to use rivers, canals, lakes and reservoirs to cool off during hot weather, but there are many hidden dangers and tragically and all too recently people have lost their lives.


Please talk to your children and other young people about the dangers and encourage them to #BeWaterAware. It could save their life. Please keep yourself and your friends safe.


West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service has information about the dangers on their website here:




Wildfires have a devastating effect on the countryside, killing animals and rare and vital plants. They also tie up the resources of our emergency services.


To reduce the risk of wildfires; BBQs, fires, fireworks and sky lanterns etc. are not allowed on any areas of our moorland and you can receive a fine of up to £2,500 and/or a prison sentence.


If you see a fire or someone using a BBQ on moorland call 999 and ask for FIRE.


Information about the #BeMoorAware campaign can be found on the West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service website:


Let's keep our moorlands safe from fire so everyone can enjoy them. #BeMoorAware


Published: 22/07/2022
Audience: Communications/Social Media admins,
Contact: Alice Marshall

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