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Why are financial skills important? Find out more and how our partners can help support you below.

  • YBS: Money Minds (Secondary) – A website to provide employability and financial support for young people.  It aims to help 1119-year-olds to feel more confident about their finances and prepare for the world of work. The activities on the website are interactive and include topics like budgeting and what employers want:  YBS Money Minds.
  • Money Minds (Primary) – Inspiring workshops and talks for children to learn about money. Contact:



  • Chartered Insurance Institute: My Personal Finance Skills My Personal Finance Skills is a free financial education programme delivered to over 18,000 students per year by personal finance professionals.  A series of 7 workshops & 3 personal finance talks are available to schools for Years 7-13. Sessions have received the financial education quality with themes including staying safe from scams, the first payslip, understanding credit and debit and much more. To find out more visit the website here or download the attached leaflet. More information


  • My Bnk: Money Works – The course is open to 1625 year olds and covers the following topics: Budgeting and Household Costs: Attitudes towards money, needs & wants, cutting back, budgeting, steps after move in, reading bills, household costs; Your Income: Sources of income, wage slips, tax & NI, benefits, universal credit and sanctions; Banking and Being Informed: How banks work, savings and current accounts, interest, forms of payment, choosing an account, understanding contracts, understanding tenancy agreements; Borrowing and Scams: Forms of borrowing, credit history, debt consequences & prioritisation, staying safe with money, understanding what money muling is.


Published: 26/05/2022
Audience: Head teacher, teachers, deputy Head teachers, Senior Leadership Team, Secondary School, Post 16, Pri
Contact: Fatimah Hussain

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