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We are reaching out to all parents, guardians, carers, and influencers of young people currently at either Primary or Secondary School Education to join this year's Business Studies Competition and Design the Vehicle of the future.

Brought to you by The IMI and Sytner Group (Design the vehicle of the future competitions | Institute of The Motor Industry (

For the first time since this competition began, we have two different competition briefs. One aimed at Secondary School pupils and one at Primary School pupils. With two fun and enjoyable competitions to join in and prizes to be won by for each, why not speak to your child's school and see how they can enter today either as a team or individually. The competitions are created with fun and learning in mind, with built-in lesson plans and worksheets it can be run at schools, clubs or even at home!

Secondary School Pupils Primary School Pupils
Could your children, school or college design, brand and launch a new vehicle onto the market for a target audience? The automotive industry influences everyone, from delivering food and medicine, to people travelling to work and emergency services to respond to a crisis.
Either individually or in teams of 4-6, work together to research, design, market and pitch your new vehicle. Together we have been working hard to prepare the industry for the future, but we have run out of ideas! We need your help to create a brand new vehicle ready for 2030.
You and your team may win the top prize of an exciting automotive day out with the IMI, and the competition sponsors Sytner. Can you imagine what type of vehicles will be popular in 2030? What will they look like? How will they run? Will they have some features that haven’t been invented yet?
Closing date for entries: 17 June 2022 Closing date for entries: 17 June 2022
Download the lesson plan and activity pack HERE Download the lesson plan and activity pack HERE



Published: 20/05/2022
Audience: secondary, primary
Contact: Dale Hunter

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