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Crick Software and Bradford’s Low Incidence, Physical and Medical Team would like to invite you to our Clicker Support Webinar Date: Tuesday 24th May 2022 Time: 2:45pm to 3:30pm Price: Free

In this support webinar, we will focus the features of Clicker that can support pupils for whom handwriting and typing can be too physically demanding.

We look at how these features also support pupils by reducing cognitive demand, allowing pupils to focus on the learning rather than the mechanics of handwriting or typing.

In addition, we will show how you can:-

  • Create a range of differentiated activities, to use throughout the classroom

  • Save time by using the LearningGrids resources – Pre-made content developed by Crick's Curriculum Team

You can also ask questions in this live Q&A session, to develop your school’s implementation and understanding of Clicker.


To join the Clicker support webinar either:

email Andrew Cumming:


Use the link below:,1utiYKkOvkmgrHuK_OqLsA,4y1quXBDF0OOXEM5K_cWQA,aGQCZaDp9EOFWQ4cUDp8uA,K0gvdJWEdU-fTRxXBqaYvA,nhnKPQWZg0m8sfqquj-l5A?mode=read&tenantId=a96b7c5d-7c50-45be-9a30-0a4143148d02



Published: 17/05/2022
Audience: All staff
Contact: Andrew Cumming

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