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ScreenSkills offers tasters, bootcamps and paid work experience.

First Break is a High-end TV pre-new entrant inclusivity programme that aims to de-mystify entry into the TV industry for individuals from socially excluded and diverse groups, who otherwise would most likely never consider the industry is open as a career path to them. The programme works with Broadcasters and production companies to encourage, nurture and support individuals to explore a career in TV, giving them the initial tools, knowledge and taster experiences of working in the industry.  

ScreenSkills are promoting the First Break opportunity within West Yorkshire based job centres, colleges, social enterprises, community organisations to seek individuals based in Leeds and Bradford to encourage people to come along to the open event to hear more.  

 Initially, we would ask individuals to sign up to our  4th April event from 6 – 8.30 pm to join our online TV taster event  “Open Doors” This is where Heads of Departments and supervisors join us to speed date groups of people interested in First Break to hear first-hand about what it’s like to work in different departments. Participants will hear from and be able to ask questions in an informal setting to hear from a cross-section of people about the different jobs available in TV Drama.  

After this event participants can apply to be part of a half-day Bootcamp and then apply for paid work experience for a 3-week (in rotation) paid placement in 1 of 4 broad job role groups based on their individual preferences rotating for a week in each department for example:  

  • Technical sound /camera / edit / electrician  
  • Creative / Practical make up / costume /art department / props/crafts  
  • Organisational and People focused locations/production office / floor runner  
  • Creative –ideas scripts/development


Please share with individuals you feel will benefit and ask them to sign up using the following link: 

 Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you want any more information. 


Published: 23/03/2022
Audience: Post-16, Creative Industries Educators
Contact: Dorothy Shepherd

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