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To be completed by: Fri 11 Jun 2021

Time: -Fri 11 Jun 2021 | Venue:

Please see all available dates for our SCIL Teams SEND Advice Hubs - run by the 0-25 Specialist Teaching and Support Service - A few remaining dates for the Autumn term, and also the Spring term dates.

These HUBS are run by specialist teachers from the 0-25 Specialist Teaching and Support Service

All school staff MUST book on to our Hubs via the following website:

 SEND advice hubs provide school staff with the opportunity to discuss an individual pupil’s needs with a specialist teacher in order to establish appropriate strategies and support. Advice is offered for any child with a presenting special educational need at any stage of the Bradford Matrix of Need.

If there is already a referral open for the pupil, in any SCIL specialist area, please do not book a hub; contact the allocated Specialist Teacher or Practitioner directly for further advice.

Hubs are available for all educational settings within the authority.

Booking Information

Step 1: Reserve your slot on skills4Bradford website.


  • Please enter into your browser if the web link doesn’t work first time.
  • Please open to full screen and click on Training and Events.
  • Filter the “Provider”(on the left hand side of the page) to 0-25 Specialist Teaching and Support Service.  
  • To view the price of a course you need to be logged in.

Step 2: Ensure you checkout your slot on skills4Bradford website.
Yours schools authorised purchaser can do this.
Step 3: Email the Hub form which is on the website when you book, securely to: by GalaxKey
NB If this form is not received 2 weeks before the Hub date you will receive a cancellation email

All our HUBS are free, please click on the below link to take you to our HUBS brochure showing all the dates for all of our teams, for Autumn and Spring term.


BSO Hubs Brochure V3 Autum-Spring 21-22



Published: 12/11/2021
Audience: ALL
Contact: Heather Varo

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