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I am writing again from military children’s charity, Little Troopers, to introduce you to some new free resources launching this term as part of our Little Troopers at School programme.

The resources are specifically for secondary schools to help support children age 11-18 with a parent serving in the British Armed Forces.  We would really appreciate your support in sharing these free charity resources with schools that have one or more service children in your area.

Our new resources are:  

 We also still have the following free resources available to access with new downloadable resources for teaching staff being added regularly: 


SQUAD: A new teen podcast launched 13th September 

SQUAD is an exciting new eight-episode podcast launching today (13th September) specifically aimed at military teenagers. Presented by TV and radio broadcaster, Katie Thistleton (who’s creds include working on BBC Radio 1 and CBBC) and Leicester Tigers rugby player, Thom Smith - who also grew up as a service child - the professionally produced podcast is the first of its kind to give a platform to military teens to share their views on Armed Forces life. Recorded in an engaging and energetic format to appeal to teen listeners, Katie and Thom will speak to 15 military teenagers as they discuss their personal experiences of being a military child and explore some of the unique challenges that service children face including deployment and separation, schooling, moving home, having a serving parent and forming friendships.  

Each short episode features a different topic and is presented in a slightly different format whilst always being relatable, powerful, funny and thought-provoking. The aim of the podcast is to help military teenagers feel supported by recognising they are part of a large community of children who have similar life experiences. 

One of our guests, Brooke, aged 16, comments: “The SQUAD podcast will be an amazing way for those struggling with the tougher side of military life to reflect and find a sense of familiarity while being able to seek advice from those who are going through or have experienced similar situations; something that I feel I would have greatly benefited from and will enjoy being a part of.” 

We recommend that schools bring their service children together in small groups to listen to the weekly episodes and use the podcast as a starting point for their own discussions in school. For schools that don’t already run a club for service children, they may find it useful to download the free Little Troopers Forces Life Club pack, which provides everything they need to set-up and deliver a pastoral support club for service children in school. Alongside the podcast, the Forces Life Club pack also includes many other activities and resources to encourage children to explore their common bond and navigate some of the challenges of military life together, as well as using their shared experiences to create positive change in their school and wider communities.  

You can subscribe and follow wherever you usually get your podcasts from. 


Little Troopers Secondary Military Wellbeing Course

In addition to our podcast, secondary schools can now order a free copy of Little Troopers Military Child Wellbeing Course for secondary schools on a USB.  

Created in collaboration with teachers, military families, educational psychologists and mindfulness experts, the six-week course template is an interactive resource that schools can use with small groups of service children to encourage them to discuss some of the more challenging aspects of military life and empower them with the tools and knowledge they need to navigate challenge and change.  

Each session uses practical activities, group discussion and creative writing and doodling to engage the children and encourage them to share and discuss their individual experiences and emotions with other children who have a similar understanding. As part of the facilitator notes, the course includes adaptations for KS3 and KS4. This isn’t for children in crisis, but a course that can benefit all military children. Each week focuses on a different topic and the six topics are: Belonging, Resilience, Doodle Say, Emotional Awareness, Mindfulness and Creative Writing.  

Schools are encouraged to use the course alongside their existing early intervention and wellbeing initiatives as a more targeted resource focused on service children’s needs and experiences. 

Order your Military Child Wellbeing course here. 


Little Troopers Secondary School Resource Downloads

During the last year, we have worked hard to create a series of free online secondary school resources for teachers to download and use with young people 11 years+. 

Designed to work as a teacher’s toolbox, anyone can quickly browse through these online resources and pick and choose the ones most relevant to their school and their military children throughout the academic year. 

From Secondary School lesson plans, to activity templates and ideas sheets, these free school resources are packed with practical ideas to get schools talking about military life in the classroom. All the resources are flexible and can be delivered to large classes or small groups of students and be incorporated as part of the school curriculum or run as a lunchtime or after school sessions. We have also made available some checklists and guidance created for staff. 

Explore all our free downloads here


The importance of targeted support 

Children of secondary school age are more likely to engage in activities that have relevance to their day-to-day lives, which is why we think these resources will be hugely beneficial to secondary schools. Running specific sessions for military children enables them to explore and share their own positive experiences and personal challenges of military life, which can be very different to civilian life. We really hope this suite of resources help the schools in your local area.

For more information about Little Troopers at School and the resources we provide for primary and secondary schools visit or if you have any questions at all do get in touch with me and I will do my very best to help. 


Published: 01/11/2021
Audience: Headteachers and Teachers
Contact: Louise Fetigan

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