Bradford Tech Week Activities 2021

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Bradford Tech Week 2021 will take place week commencing 18th October 2021. See below for information on activities available - broken down into 3 sections: School Activities, Online Activities and For the Gamers.

1.  School Activities

  • Interactive Space Adventure - experience a trip to the International Space Station, learn about the challenges astronauts face living, travelling and working on board ISS, to book visit:,  This is a live show which forms part of the Bradford 2025 and will be performed by 2 actors at Kala Sangam in Bradford, it will be really, really epic!
  • Creative Rocket Workshop - design, build and flyer your own rocket in our workshop, to book visit:  This is also live and runs into half term as well so pelase feel free to share with any holiday clubs.

2.    Online Activities

  • Please visit:  Learn new skills and discover career opportunities in tech - tons of information on this page which has all of last year's activities and perfect for things to do in the classroom.
  • Try and escape the International Space Station, take a tour of the Earth and many more activities for all ages please visit - very much the same as above and perfect for the classroom also.

3.    For the Gamers

  • Insight2Games and CityFibre are hosting an introduction to Games Design which aims to provide an overview and understanding of how to get into the gaming industry, to book your place click here - I'm expecting this to be huge, it is the only thing which is live outside school hours, it is a game maker who will literally tell you how to become a game maker and get paid for it!!!


For further information on any of the above activities please click on the above links provided.


Published: 01/10/2021
Audience: Primary and Secondary Schools
Contact: Dorothy Shepherd

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