NCCE bursary funded CPD - Leading primary computing 30 Sep & 22 Oct

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This 2 day bursary-funded computing CPD is being delivered by Tim Bleazard on behalf of the National Centre for Computing Education. This face to face course hosted by The Innovation Centre is aimed at subject leaders in primary computing who are new to the role or who aspire to move into it.


This course will help new primary computing leaders to clarify their role and develop and implement a broad and balanced curriculum. You will learn how best to lead the improvement of computing teaching and learning, and to provide professional support and development to others. You will develop a detailed action plan to guide the effective use and development of resources, assessment approaches and ways to enrich the computing curriculum. By monitoring and communicating impact you will enable yourself and school leadership to accurately understand the strengths of computing in your school, and sustainably plan for improvement.

Prior knowledge:

You are expected to have some experience of teaching computing in primary school and an understanding of the content of the National Curriculum for primary computing.

Course units:

  • 01 | The role of the subject leader – Considering the common, and less common, roles undertaken by leaders of computing, helping you to clarify your role through discussion with others in a similar position.
  • 02 | Developing an outstanding curriculum – Curriculum intent and implementation, with consideration of age-appropriate progression. You’ll engage with the Teach Computing Curriculum, planning how to integrate it into an appropriate programme of study in your school.
  • 03 | Helping others teach computing – You’ll be the go-to person for computing in your school – this session helps you to confidently lead the development of others, based on quality assured pedagogy and resources.
  • 04 | Assessment of computing – You’ll evaluate a range of generic and subject-specific approaches to assessment of computing, both formative and summative, to drive attainment in the subject.
  • 05 | Enriching the computing curriculum – Make the most of extra-curricular activities to develop a love of computing among your learners. Harness the wisdom of the most experienced children who can gain from supporting others. Evaluate what’s on offer and plan to meet the priorities of your school.
  • 06 | Managing change – Change doesn’t just happen, you need to develop a plan, bring people on board and measure success. This session applies tried-and-tested approaches to help you make positive impacts across your school, making the most of the talent and support available.

How will you learn?

You’ll discuss issues with peers and an experienced course leader, comparing practice and learning strategies that are based in evidence. Personalised action planning will help you prioritise the issues for you and your school, ensuring you gain maximum benefit from the CPD.

How long is the course?

This is a two-day course with a gap task.

Who is the course leader?

Tim Bleazard

This course is delivered as part of the National Centre for Computing Education. To book your place and find out more click here.


Published: 22/09/2021
Audience: Primary computing subject leads
Contact: Tim Bleazard

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