Diversity & Inclusion in the Army

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Time: Thu 29 Jul 2021 18:00-06:30 | Venue: Virtual

We believe in diversity, equality and inclusion – whatever your background, race, gender or religion. We have pride in the diversity we offer and believe everyone has the right to be treated fairly. That’s what belonging means. It means whoever you are, wherever you’re from and whatever defines yo

You can expect respect, resources and opportunities to progress to your full potential.
As an inclusive employer, the Army has a strong network of diversity champions and employee support networks to ensure an inclusive environment for all of our military staff. From Basic Training, all soldiers learn new skills.

Take on challenges. Build bonds that last a lifetime. And no one will ever stop you from building a career you can be proud of. Interested in learning more? Join us to hear from serving soldiers and ask them any questions as part of an inclusive conversation in a safe space. They’ll share their experiences of life in the Army.


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Published: 15/07/2021
Audience: anyone interested to find out more about joining the Army especially information on Diversity.
Contact: Youmna Khan

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