Bradford foodbank coverage during COVID-19

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Please see the below information from the foodbanks

In light of the current covid19 measures in place throughout the UK, we recognise that you may be unable to meet your service users face to face.  If you're not able to issue a food voucher directly to a client then please use the special procedure we have established:

  •  Select the foodbank centre to which the client will go for their food parcel
  • Telephone the chosen foodbank centre mobile on the day they are open and provide the usual voucher information
  •  Or telephone the office (01274 292256) / email the office at with  the usual voucher information  and we will cascade the information to the relevant foodbank centre


Any telephone or email referrals should be done by an authorised signatory only.  If you cannot remember who your authorised signatories are, then drop us an email and we will let you know.  If your Signatory/ries are not available (e.g. self isolating) please nominate another person as a signatory/ries and return the attached revised Authorised signatory Form to us (/userfiles/file/Education%20Safeguarding/BNFB_RA-Reg%20%20Authorised-Signatures_19g-27.pdf). Thank you


Remember! We will Not be able to process or give out food parcels to any person/s who you have not informed us about first.  

You can contact any of the foodbank centres on the days they operate between and 5pm.

I have attached a proforma (/userfiles/file/Education%20Safeguarding/Covid19_Tel-Referral-Data%20for%20Agencies.docx) to help with this task below, which includes details of our foodbank centre opening times. Hope this helps.


Food bank coverage: /userfiles/file/Education%20Safeguarding/Foodbank%20coverage.xlsx


Published: 24/03/2020
Audience: schools, headteachers, designated safeguarding leads
Contact: Amy Petschak

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