Local Authority Resourced Provisions

Local Authority Resourced Provisions

What is a Resourced Provision?

In Bradford we operate Resourced Provisions (RPs) that are either managed by a school (School Led Resourced Provision - SLRP) or by the Local Authority (Local Authority Led Resourced Provision– LARP). The provisions are within a mainstream school, designed to provide specialist and targeted support for children and young people with an Education and Health Care Plan (EHCP). Children accessing a RP will be on the roll of the mainstream school and will be fully supported by the specialist staff and the staff of the mainstream school working in partnership.

They provide highly trained staff to support young people in their mainstream lessons and enable them to engage in every aspect of school life.

Some children and young people need more support to access a mainstream curriculum, therefore the Resourced Provisions provide a safe environment for them where they can access specialist interventions, precision teaching, social interaction support, small group teaching, and a bespoke curriculum (to match their individual needs). This support is to enable them to take part in their mainstream learning environment, access a full broad and ambitious curriculum and to access the whole school mainstream experience and an inclusive offer.

Some children and young people may feel too anxious to access a full mainstream curriculum; support needs are matched to the individual with the ambition that the young person will be able to access some, if not all, of their mainstream classes over time.

The RPs have dedicated space within the school which is for the use of the young people accessing the provision. Therefore, at social times this is a place where children and young people will feel safe to communicate or express themselves in confidence, supervised by trained staff. Some RPs have additional sensory rooms to support regulation and learn about their emotions and feelings.

It is important to understand that they are not separate to the school; they are not special schools or units. Their purpose it to offer specialist support to access a mainstream education.  The resource provisions do not offer full time1:1 support , we are based on a 1:2 staff to student ratio as students accessing the resource provisions should be accessing mainstream education.


How are children allocated a place in a Resourced Provision?

Parents must request a Resourced Provision when naming a placement in their child’s EHCP. Children with an EHCP are allocated a place in a Resourced Provision by a Local Authority central panel and in consultation with the host school. Children within the host school cannot be allocated a place without going through this process first.


The Primary LA Led Resource Provisions are located in the following schools:

Appleton Academy Primary (communication and interaction, including ASD) - 12 place provision

Co-op Academy Princeville (communication and interaction, including ASD) - 22 place provision

Fagley Primary (communication and interaction, including ASD) - 12 place provision

Hollingwood Primary Academy (SEMH) - 16 place provision

Miriam Lord (communication and interaction, including ASD) - 12 place provision

Thornton Primary Academy (SEMH) - 12 place provision


The Secondary LA Led Resource Provisions are located in the following schools:

Appleton Academy Secondary (communication and interaction, including ASD) - 20 place provision

Bingley Grammar School (communication and interaction, including ASD) - 24 place provision

Bradford Academy (SEMH) - 24 place provision


The Primary School Led Resource Provisions are located in the following schools:

Carrwood Primary School (ASC) - 12 place provision

Cottingley Primary School (SEMH) - 10 place provision

Crossley Hall Primary School (ASD) - 24 place provision

Crossflatts Primary School (ASD) - 16 place provision

Denholme Primary School (ASD) - 8 place provision

Green Lane Primary School (ASD) - 12 place provision

Green Lane Primary School (SLCN) - 12 place provision

Haworth Primary School (ASD) - 12 place provision

High Craggs Primary Leadership Academy (SLCN) - 6 place provision

Holybrook Primary School (SEMH) - 16 place provision

Horton Park Primary School (Complex SEND KS1) - 12 place provision

Long Lee Primary School (SEMH) - 16 place provision

Parkwood Primary School (ASD) - 12 place provision

Worth Valley Primary School (ASD) - 8 place provision


The Secondary School Led Resource Provisions are located in the following schools:

Beckfoot School (Physical Difficulties) - 12 place provision

Beckfoot Thornton (Learning Difficulties) - 15 place provision

Bradford Academy (Physical Difficulties) - 12 place provision

Bradford Academy (ASD) - 12 place provision

Co-op Academy Grange (ASD) - 12 place provision

The Holy Family Catholic School (ASD) - 20 place provision

Ilkley Grammar School (ASD) - 12 place provision

Oasis Academy Lister Park (SLCN) - 10 place provision

Parkside School (ASD) - 12 place provision

Titus Salt School (Learning Difficulties) - 30 place provision


Enhanced Nursery Placements

To access an enhanced nursery placement, your child must have severe or profound and multiple learning difficulties.  Referrals can be made by the Portage team, Specialist Teachers or Access & Inclusion Officers, they then submit the EYESP referral form to the local authority SEND Team via the SEN Portal where the decision for placement is made by the SEN panel.  EYESP settings can also request places, they can submit EYESP referral to the SCIL team for joint moderation.

The Nursery School Led Enhanced Provisions are located in the following settings:

Strong Close Nursery School- Enhanced Nursery Placement- 30 place provision (Strong Close Nursery School - Strong Close Nursery School (strongclosenscc.co.uk)

Hirst Wood Nursery School - Enhanced Nursery Placement - 10 places (Hirst Wood Nursery School and Children's Centre - Home (hirstwoodnscc.co.uk)

Abbey Green Nursery School – Early Years Enhanced Provision - 10 place (Abbey Green Nursery School - Abbey Green Nursery School)

Midland Road Nursery School – Early Years Enhanced Provision - 10 place (Midland Road Nursery School & Children's Centre )

St Edmund's Nursery School - Enhanced Nursery Placement - 33 place provision (St Edmund’s Nursery School and Children’s Centre (stedmundsbradford.org.uk)



Our vision as the STaSS team is to :

“To offer high quality support for all children through a collaborative approach to provide transformational learning experiences so that children can flourish and make excellent holistic progress and successfully transition to responsible citizens”.

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