Range Guidance

Range Guidance

Bradford MDC Banding Matrix

Cognition and Learning

Physical & Medical

Hearing Impairment

Visual Impairment (Update to include CVI 12/12/14)

Dual Sensory / Multi Sensory Impairment

Specific Learning Difficulties

Autism / Communication and Interaction

Speech, Language and Communication Needs

Social, Emotional and Mental Health Needs

Early Years Foundation Stage

Early Years Attainment Grid

The Y1 to Y11 attainment grid is now redundant following changes to National Curriculum Assessment (https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/358070/NC_assessment_quals_factsheet_Sept_update.pdf)

Please continue to submit NC levels and sub levels where these are available. The Cognition and Learning descriptors include Standardised Scores which will be used if levels are unavailable whilst further work is undertaken in this area.

Social Care Thresholds

Children with Complex Health or Disabilities Team (CCHDT) Thresholds

Continuing Care Decision Grid


EHCP Annual review and information 

An annual review meeting must be held once a year, the purpose of which is to review a child’s or young person’s EHCP . The review of the EHCP should involve the pupil, parents/carers, the school, the Local Authority (LA) and all professionals from other services who are involved.

The Headteacher is responsible for making sure that the annual review meeting is arranged, however this may be delegated to another member of staff.

The focus of the meeting is to monitor and evaluate the continued effectiveness and relevance of the provision set out in the EHCP. This means ensuring that the provision is meeting the child’s/young person’s needs and that the child/young person is making progress.

For children under compulsory school age, the SEN Code of Practice recommends that consideration should be given to informal six monthly reviews of the EHCP; these could be classed as interim reviews.

For further about information about EHCP Annual review click here

To view the children and young person’s view form for the EHCP Annual Review click here

To view a pictorial example of a child/young person’s EHCP annual review click here

Annual Review flow chart 


School Local Offer/Information Report documents and guidance

Use the support guidance documents below to create your Schools Local Offer/Information Report

'Schools Local Offer/Information Report'

SEND CoP pages (106, 107, 68-70) –click here

SEN (Information) Regulations Clause 65-click here

SEN (Local Offer) Regulations Clause 30-click here

Further information about School Local Offers

There is a statutory duty on schools and further education providers to publish information about their individual local offer.

As you are located within Bradford local authority area or we currently place a child or young person with you, Bradford MDC is required to include a link to your schools local offer information within Bradford’s Local Offer website.

Once your local offer has been developed, is approved by your Governing Body and is published on the school website, it is requested that you provide the local authority with the details of the location of your local offer website page.

School Local Offers (SEN Information Reports) already published on Bradford’s Local Offer website are published here: : click here https://localoffer.bradford.gov.uk/Services/Education/Schools.aspx?mid=3

We ask that each provider informs the Local Offer Officer of any location web address link changes, websites updates, or changes to document address that are already published on the Local Offer website asap. Please ensure your Schools Local Offer web links are correct on the link above.

School Local Offer Links and updates should be sent to LocalOffer@bradford.gov.uk

The process for conversion of Statements of Special Educational Needs or Learning Disabilities Assessments to Education, Health and Care Plans

See the Documentation tab

EHCP conversion workshop dates

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