Bradford Matrix of Need

Bradford Matrix of Need


The Bradford Matrix of Need provides clarity on the Graduated Approach and ‘Best Endeavours’ through detailing:

Identification and Assessment : Tells you how to identify if a CYP has SEND for example  –'Mild difficulties with learning as identified on Bradford SEN Progress Grid'.
or 'CYP will  have some social communication and interaction differences, plus difficulties in social imagination, inflexibility of thought and sensory differences that impact on school life'.
Curriculum Access / Teaching and Learning Strategies: Identifies reasonable expectation about what should be in place for CYP with that type / level of need.
Funding / Placement / Support levels: Indicates  LA / school responsibilities, likely placement and suggested support levels.

The Matrix of Need should be consulted when planning for children with SEND and when making requests for statutory assessment from the Local Authority.


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