School Workforce Census - Statutory

School Workforce Census - Statutory

School Workforce Autumn Return

Open: Thursday 7th November 2019
COLLECT: Available from 7.30am

Close:  Friday 6th December 2019
COLLECT: Close from 12.00pm Midnight


Dates Data Collected:

Census Date    


   School Workforce Census Description School Workforce Census 2019
Absence Start Date 01/09/2018 to  Absence End Date 31/08/2019
Continuous Contract Start Date 01/09/2018 to  Continuous Contracts End Date 03/11/2019


Useful Web Links

DfE website:

COLLECT Live Site (via DfE Sign-in): - select COLLECT under My Services.

Guide for submitting onto COLLECT.

The live blade for 2019 will be available from 7.30am on 7th November 2019  to upload your SWC file. 

Department of Education (Dfe) Document for Local Authority School can be found on DfE website. This is an important document which contains detailed information about what the project is and what data should be collected for which staff members. It should be your first point of reference for all general School Workforce queries.  Please download this immediately.

Privacy Notice – Data Protection

The Fair Processing Notice was replaced by a Privacy Notice. It is a legal requirement that this notice is then given to all staff that will be included in your Workforce Census Return. This Notice informs staff of the purposes for which their personal data may be held and used by the school, the local authority, the DfE and other organisations.

Please remember that any new staff, or staff for whom information has not been submitted before, need to have a privacy notice drawn to their attention. The privacy notice has been improved and updated to reflect the changes in Government.  This is available for download Privacy Notice for Schools.

Mandatory, optional and not applicable data items

The following table shows which data items are mandatory (Y) for each of the staff categories, which are optional (#) and which are not applicable (X). Schools and local authorities may wish to hold the optional items on their MIS and this information should automatically be filtered out from the school workforce census return when it is generated. There may be instances where optional information is not filtered out, and local authorities will need to be aware that the data may be forwarded to the department and used for research and statistical purposes.

The information in the table applies to those staff with current contracts, or employed via a current service agreement, for 28 days or more on the census day

Contacted Teaching
Other Contracted
support staff
Teacher Number Y Y     Y Mandatory for non-
teachers, if applicable
Family Name Y Y Y  
Given Name  Y Y Y  
Former Family Name Y Y     #  
National Insurance No. Y Y Y  
Gender Y Y Y  
Date of Birth Y Y Y  
Ethnic Code Y Y Y  
Disability Y Y Y  
QT Status Y Y #  
HLTA Status Y Y Y  
QTS Route Y # #

Mandatory for all staff who,
in the last year, have taken up their
first position since qualifying as a teacher. 
May also be returned for other staff as well.

Contract / Agreement Type Y Y Y  
Start Date Y Y Y  
End Date Y Y Y  
Post Y Y Y  
Role Y Y Y  
Destination Y Y #  
Origin Y Y # Mandatory for contracts
starting from 01/09/2009
Pay Review Date Y X X Applicable only to teachers
Pay Range # # # These two date items are mandatory but


Contacted Teaching
Other Contracted
support staff
Regional Pay Range # X X The department desires these
items if they are available
Pay Framework      Y X X Applicable only for Leadership teachers
Pay Range Minimum and
Pay Range Maximum
Y X X Applicable only for Leadership teachers
Base Pay Y Y Y Not mandatory if “Daily Rate” = ‘Y’.
NB: Daily rate only applies to
agency/SA teachers
Safeguarded Salary Y X X  
Daily Rate X X X  
Hours worked per week Y Y Y  
FTE Hours per week Y Y Y  
Weeks per year Y Y Y  
Category of Additional Payment Y Y Y Not required if “Daily Rate” = ‘Y’
NB: Daily rate only applies to
Agency/SA Teachers
Addition Payment Amount Y Y Y Not required if “Daily Rate” = ‘Y’ 
NB: Daily rate only applies to 
Agency/SA Teachers
Pay Start Date Y Y # Not required if “Daily Rate” = ‘Y’
Only required for Category ‘TL3’.
Pay End Date Y Y # Not required if “Daily Rate” = ‘Y’
Only required for Category ‘TL3’.
Qualification module
Qualification code Y Y Y  
Class of Degree Y # # Mandatory where ‘Date of Arrival’ is
equal to or greater than 1 August 2013
Subject Code 1 Y Y    
Subject Code 2 Y Y    



Y     Mandatory data item for this type of staff    
#     Optional data item for this type of staff
X     Data item not applicable for this type of staff


Contacts for the School Workforce Census
Your contact will be as follows:

Rhys Howarth (Human Resources)
Tel: 01274 435618

You should contact either of the above should you have any queries in relation to scope or entering the notes onto COLLECT.

If you require assistance with SIMS or exporting your file to COLLECT, you should contact your ICT provider.

COLLECT files will be approved by Rhys Howarth, please ensure your file is fully complete and has notes attached to errors before closing and logging out of COLLECT.



Should you have any other questions, please contact the Co-ordinator in the first instance.
If you cannot access the COLLECT site please contact the DfE Helpdesk

Help COLLECT access is administered directly by local authorities for their users. This includes registering for COLLECT, activating your account and giving you access to specific collections. Please get in touch with the approver in your local authority that will be able to make sure that you have the appropriate access.

If you are experiencing problems with COLLECT or have a "data collection query", please submit a service request to the Data Collection Helpdesk.

If you are having problems logging into Secure Access, please refer to the ‘Help’ section on Secure Access. If you are still unable to resolve your issue, please submit a service request to the SA service desk


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