HLTA 3 Day programme

HLTA 3 Day programme

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The HLTA course consists of three non-consecutive face to face sessions, held at Margaret McMillan Tower, and comes at a cost of £380.  A further Assessment fee of £450 is payable to Carnegie Leaders of Learning for the costs of the independent assessment on behalf of HLTA North. Currently the assessment meeting will be carried out virtually. Passing that assessment after the course leads to the award of the HLTA status which is nationally recognised. The assessment process consists of written assignments and interviews.

Prior to attendance at a course applicants must have a GCSE Grade C or GCSE level 4  in English and Maths or a level 2 qualification in Literacy and Numeracy and be in possession of the original certificates. If an applicant does not have this qualification, or cannot prove it, then there is now the opportunity to sit tests for both Literacy and Numeracy that will give the right to access the course. These tests can be carried out at Margaret McMillan Tower or within your school under exam conditions. 

Please note that this will not give a valid level 2 qualification for any other purpose. The tests are £25 each or £40 for both, payable to Carnegie Leaders of Learning, and can be arranged using the contact details below.

Below are the two forms (Application form and Diagnostic form) required to apply for the HLTA course. Also below is a copy of the information pack that will help you with your application.

Please ensure you have the Headteacher's agreement and that you have a Level 2 or higher qualification in Maths and English (see information pack for more details), have your original certificates and proof of any change of name, e.g., marriage certificate, since you passed the qualification.

The course dates are set at intervals as there will be work to complete between the sessions.

Drinks are provided but candidates will need to purchase lunch from the trolley service or bring it with them.

Course Dates:  Autumn Term 2023:

Day 1: - 28 September: Day 2: - 12 October:  Day 3: - 9 November,  All sessions from 9.30am - 3.30pm 

All applications for this course should be sent direct to evelyn.haigh@bradford.gov.uk or posted to Evelyn Haigh, 2nd Floor, Margaret McMillan Tower, Prince's Way, Bradford, BD1 1NN. please email to confirm if you have posted an application. 

HLTA Application Form

HLTA Diagnostic Form

HLTA Information Pack

For further information or any enquiries on the HLTA course or application process please contact Evelyn Haigh on 01274 439400 or at evelyn.haigh@bradford.gov.uk 

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