Bradford Healthy Minds Chartermark

Bradford Healthy Minds Chartermark


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Healthy Minds Chartermark Rationale

My name is Dr Kay Tasker-Smith and I am the Lead Practitioner for the Healthy Minds Chartermark.

The purpose of the Chartermark is to provide an opportunity for schools and settings in Bradford to showcase the development of their whole school ethos and policy with regard to mental health and emotional wellbeing based on a foundation of relational practice. This means the implementation and learning of rules and boundaries is within a safe and secure relationship based approach for children and staff.

The Chartermark is based on eight key principles for mental health and wellbeing as recognised by Public Health England and follows the same structure as the Whole School Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing Audit tool for Schools which is distributed through the Mental Health Champions Strategy.

The formal Healthy Minds Chartermark is available on the link here:

Healthy Minds Chartermark

If you have difficulty downloading it, please email us on to receive your copy!




The Healthy Minds Chartermark is fully subsidised for Bradford Local Authority Schools, Free schools and Academies.

Independent schools are also welcome to take part and will receive basic support to set the project up. However additional time in school for activities such as training or onsite meetings will be charged at the normal hourly rate (£95p/h)



Benefits of undertaking the Chartermark

Alongside improving outcomes for children, the Chartermark offers opportunity for schools to gain recognition for outstanding practice within the Bradford District with three awards being built into the process: Silver, Gold and Platinum. Schools achieving these awards will have expertise in social, emotional and mental health practice.


Recognition and Reward

On gaining each level of the award, schools will be able to showcase their achievements by:

  • Receiving their award at a ceremony where the media will be invited to attend
  • Receiving a formal certificate which can be displayed in school
  • Receiving a bespoke trophy which can be displayed in school
  • Receiving a banner which can be displayed on the outside of the school



The Chartermark Process

Ensure you read the Chartermark document thoroughly so you are clear on the extent of your undertakings, in terms not only of time and operational activity, but also in terms of the impact of cultural change in your school.

Once you are sure you wish to undertake the Chartermark, email us on , and you will be assigned a Chartermark Educational Psychologist immediately. Chartermark EP will automatically cease activity in your school at the end of this academic year. 

Phase 1 EP support: this phase is where your assigned EP will help you set up the initial stages of the project, such as using the audit tool in the document, choosing electronic questionnaire methods, deciding on pre and post measures and identifying the best fit whole school approach for you. This phase will end when you send in your initial paperwork including your audit/action plan.

Phase 2 EP support: this phase is where you will need more live support from your EP, and could include further training in school, or meetings with SLT to help develop policy (as identified in your audit/action plan). All the EPs are familiar with building a whole school approach and will guide you until the point you are able to send in your evidence to request the moderation team to evaluate you for your award.

Both these phases could take some time. We are hoping that the majority of schools will be able to apply for an award by the end of this academic year.



Levels of Chartermark Support

  • Level 1 support: Attach a completed ‘Chartermark Self-Assessment Audit Document’, data evidence including your updated SEMH / Inclusion / relational / behaviour policy to your Chartermark Registration Form. There will be a school visit from the Chartermark Moderation team if your written submissions meet the required standard for the SILVER or GOLD AWARD, dependent upon your evidence. You do not need support from the Chartermark EPs as you have already embedded a whole school approach. Your assigned EP is there to touch base with if needed. This is the ‘IMMEDIATELY READY TO GO FOR THE CHARTERMARK AWARD’ level.
  • Level 2 support: Attach a completed ‘Chartermark Self-Assessment Audit’ and ‘Action Plan’ to your Chartermark Registration Form. Be aware that it will take one year to work towards achieving the SILVER AWARD and you do not need to submit data based evidence described in section 3. You will need light touch support from the Chartermark Educational Psychologists to help fill skill and knowledge gaps through signposted training and personalised advice, which may include school visits. This is the ‘HOPING TO GO FOR THE CHARTERMARK AWARD IN A YEAR’ level.
  • Level 3 support: Please ensure you have attached a completed ‘Chartermark Self-Assessment’ and ‘Action Plan’ to your Chartermark Registration Form. The Educational Psychology Team will be in touch shortly to organise an initial meeting. Please be aware that it will take one year or more to work towards achieving the SILVER AWARD and you do not need to submit data based evidence described in section 3. You will need targeted support from the Chartermark Educational Psychology Leads that includes school visits plus access to training. This will mean you can access up to 3 sessions of direct support, live or virtual, from your assigned EP. This is the ‘HOPING TO GO FOR THE CHARTERMARK AWARD IN A YEAR OR TWO’ level.



Healthy Minds Chartermark Monthly Webinars - What are the Webinars for?

Healthy Minds Chartermark webinars will provide a virtual space to deepen your understanding of the Chartermark process and connect with other schools taking part.

Each webinar will last for approximately 1 hour and have been structured so that they take part on consistent days and times. They will be run by Dr Cheryl Forsyth (Educational Psychologist) and Carly Christie (Assistant Educational Psychologist). Information can be obtained by emailing:

The first webinar will focus on the Chartermark process and what it entails. Subsequent sessions will focus on the different approaches and interventions that schools will have the opportunity to implement as part of the Chartermark. These include: the Zones of Regulation, ROAR, Trauma Informed Practice, Restorative Practice, Emotion Coaching and Nurture.


Why would it help me to attend them?

The webinars aim to provide a safe space to connect with others and learn more about what is available to you. It is hoped they will help you to reflect of your experiences within the Chartermark and think about which of the approaches may best fit your school. This time will also enable you to ask questions and touch base with the Educational Psychology Team.


When are they?

  • Dates to be confirmed


A Teams invite will be emailed out to all participating school links closer to the time of the meeting.


Peer Support

Dates and venues for peer support are currently being set up by the Chartermark Team. There will be a mix of Chartermark school and DfE Lead course delegates.


Contact email:


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