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Bookstart is a national, government-backed scheme which supports parents to enjoy books with their child from as early an age as possible. By offering the gift of free books to children before they start school, Bookstart aims to inspire a love of reading which will give children a flying start in life. There is more information about Bookstart on their website:


Bookstart Treasure Gift Pack

Bradford Bookstart invites all Bradford Early Years Settings to present a treasure pack to children in nursery who have a birth date between 1 September 2016 and 31 August 2017. Each treasure pack contains a high quality picture book for families to share, plus a friendly booklet with tips and ideas for reading together.

Distribution of treasure packs is organised by Bradford Libraries.

Bookstart Treasure Pack Order Form 2020-21  

If you have any queries which are not covered by the FAQs on the order form, please contact


Frequently Asked Questions


Which children are eligible for a treasure pack?

Children born between 1.9.2016 and 31.8.2017 will be eligible for a treasure pack in 2020-21.  Please order packs for these children only as our supplies are limited. If settings over-order it could mean that we run out of bags and some children will not receive one at all. Please note that younger nursery children may not yet be eligible for a pack in 2020-21 but will be able to have one next year.


Can schools order treasure packs for children in reception?

Children in reception are not eligible for a treasure pack. If your school would like to order bookpacks for reception age children please order Time to Read packs directly from Booktrust: Book Time


Our setting ordered the correct number of bags but more children have enrolled since we placed the order. Will we be able to order some more?

Yes, so long as the children are eligible – please email or ring Bradford Bookstart.


If children attend a school nursery and a playgroup, which one should give them their treasure pack?

Children who attend both settings should get their treasure bag from their school nursery, so playgroups need to take this into account when ordering. Please discourage parents from accepting more than one treasure pack for their child.


Are the picture books available in other languages?

Yes, you may use the form to request books in other languages, though please check with families before ordering dual language books on their behalf as they may prefer the standard English version.   If you order dual language books we will substitute the picture book in the pack with a dual language book as requested. We have to order these separately so please return your order form as soon as possible. Supplies are subject to availability.


Are the parental guidance leaflets available in other languages?

Booktrust recommends presenting a guidance leaflet in the relevant language to all parents who have requested a dual language book. You can now download these directly from the Booktrust website: Just type Reading With Your Child 3-4 years, followed by the language you want, into the search box.


How do we get the Bookstart treasure packs?

The treasure packs will generally be delivered to you by Bradford Libraries van service or by courier. In some cases we may ask you to collect your treasure packs from your nearest library.


When will we get our packs?

If you need your treasure packs at a particular time (for example if you have an event planned), please let us know as soon as possible so that we can arrange for you to get them in time. Otherwise we will distribute them during termtime according to area.


How do we present the packs?

This is up to you.  Suggestions include:

  • At a storytime at your local library – contact them to arrange a visit. Details at
  • At a parents’ evening
  • At a book celebration event  – eg National Bookstart Week
  • Collection points and video messaging


Whichever you choose, we recommend that you involve parents and carers as much as possible. Giving parents a brief explanation of the pack can really encourage them to enjoy the books with their children.


Can Bookstart Bear come to our event?

If you would like to borrow the costume, please get in touch to check availability. There is no charge – all you need to do is collect and return it to Shipley Library. You will need to find your own volunteer to wear the costume.


Do we have to monitor anything?

No, Bookstart does not need any personal details of children who receive packs.


Can we give feedback?

Yes, please do. Parents’ and professionals’ views are all welcome.  Evidence of increased parental involvement in books and reading is very useful, and you do not need to give any names. There is a feedback section on the back of the order form.


Question:  What happens next?

Complete the order form by clicking on: Order Form 2020-21 and return as directed.  You need to send this to or post to Susan Brewster-Craig, Development Officer, Shipley Library, 2 Wellcroft, Shipley, West Yorkshire, BD18 3QH, or ring 01274 433651


Bear Costume Order Form


Did you know that nurseries can borrow the Bookstart Bear costume to promote booksharing events?  You can order the costume by filling out this form.  Bookstart Bear Costume Order Form 2020-21 




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