Leave of Absence in Term Time

Leave of Absence in Term Time

Absence during term-time as a result of term-time leave of absence interrupts continuity of teaching and learning and disrupts the educational progress of individual children. Bradford Children's Service aims to minimise the amount of time lost to term-time leave of abence through a policy which actively discourages parents from arranging family holidays, trip abroad etc during term time and supports schools to authorise absence for such leave only in exceptional circumstances.

Families do not have a right to take their children out of school for the purposes of family holidays or trips abroad.

Guidance instructs Headteachers NOT to authorise leave of abscence in term time. Permission for this type of absence should only be granted in the most exceptional circumstances. It is for Headteachers to determine what are 'exceptional circumstances' and apply these consistently and equitably.

Parents should not take their children out of school without first seeking the schools permission.

The following reasons will NOT be considered acceptable reasons for requesting leave of absence in term time:-

  • availability of cheap holidays
  • availability of desired accommodation
  • poor weather experienced in school holiday periods

The local Code of Conduct allows for Penalty Notices to be issued to parents who take their children out of school for holidays and leave of absence without the permission of the school. Click here to download the Penalty Notice Code of Conduct - Revised August 2014 following consultation

Click here to download Children's Services Holidays in Term Time Penalty Notice Procedures and Guidance. This guidance also includes pro forma standard letters for schools to use to respond to request for term time leave of absence. This guidance also reflects the changes to the Pupil Registration Regulations regarding leave of absence in term time and  the new payment periods allowed for  Penalty Notice fines which came into force on 1 September 2013. This guidance has been updated to reflect the learning and developments in the procedures during the academic year 2013/14 and now includes 'Frequently Asked Questions'

Click here to download the Penalty Notice for Leave of Absence in Term Time Request Form. This proforma has been revised to assist in streamlining the penalty notice process. PLEASE DELETE PREVIOUS VERSIONS

Click here to download Bradford Children's Services Leave of Absence Request Form. If your school uses this form please delete previous versions.

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