Introduction to the Interfaith Education Centre

Introduction to the Interfaith Education Centre



The Interfaith Education Centre


The Interfaith Education Centre (IEC) is part of the City of Bradford MDC Directorate of Children’s Services and sits within the Diversity and Cohesion Service.


The IEC was established as a resource centre in response to Bradford’s first multi-faith agreed syllabus for religious education in 1986.  The IEC has been unique in employing a staff of trained faith tutors who are able to bring personal experience to religious education, visits to places of worship and collective worship.  The IEC also houses a collection of modern resources and books to support RE, collective worship and SMSC development.

The staff team includes faith tutors and associates from the six major world faiths, an advisory teacher for RE and an adminiistartive team dedicated to IEC visits, subscriptions and resources.

The IEC is now based at Margaret McMillan Tower, Bradford’s administrative centre for education:

Interfaith Education Centre

Margaret McMillan Tower
Prince's Way

T          01274 439379




Visits and Workshops


The IEC has extensive experience in hosting educational visits to places of worship and supporting learning from and about religions and beliefs.  This can be through a visit to a place of worship,a workshop or a lesson in your school or setting.

Visits can be arranged to:

a Budhist Centre
Churches of various traditions and denominations
Gurdwara (Sikh)
Mandir (Hindu)
Masjid / Mosque

A range of workshops is available to complement our visits programme.

The Turning Points programme  is now available as part of our workshop menu.  Each workshop has a faith focus and is effective in promoting SMSC development.

Codes of practice and dress codes apply to many of these places and will be made available to you, alongside a detailed, risk assessment, when your booking is made.

Interfaith Education Centre Brochure  (Using Your Subscription) 2016 - 2017

Workshop Menu
Enquiry Form
Guidance on visiting a place of worship

Faith tutors have experience in working with a wide range of ages; early years, primary and secondary schools, higher and further education and adult education programmes, and work in a wide range of settings.

For information about bespoke programmes please contact us.




Religions in the Bradford District

3 May 2017 to 21 June 2017

The Interfaith Education Centre is offering this seven week course which will develop a knowledge and understanding of the six major world faiths represented in the district plus a unit on Humanism.  Participants will also learn how 'British Values' are promoted within each faith.

Each session will answer the following questions:
  • what do believers believe?
  • where and when did this begin?
  • who are the significant people?
  • what is the importance of sacred writing?
  • how do believers worship?
  • what are the main festivals and how are these observed?
  • how are rites of passage celebrated?
  • how does faith impact on values and lifestyle?
Participants will have a knowledge and understanding of the beliefs and practices of each of the major world faiths.
They will be equipped to teach RE in accordance with the Bradford, and other, agreed syllabus for religious education and contribute to a school ethos which supports the achievement of all learners.
The course will make a positive contribution to a school's capacity to meet new Ofsted challenges related to British values, spiritual, moral, social and cultural development and community cohesion.
Course cost is £350 and all participants will receive detailed handouts on each faith.
Participants who attend all seven sessions  will be awarded with a certificate of completion.
Course flyer can be found here
Course booking form can be found here
Please return booking forms to Tracy Lennie 
Further information is available from Geraldine Cooper
01274 439378


Primary RE Network Meetings


2016 – 2017


Confident subject leadership:


  • sustaining engagement


  • improving attainment


  • increasing impact


Autumn term:       13, 14 or 15 September 2016

Spring term:        10, 11 or 12  January 2017

Summer term:      13 or 14 June 2017

All meetings take place at Margaret McMillan Tower from 13.30 – 15.30.
Meetings provide subject leaders with practical strategies to develop RE in their schools and to meet the requirements of the RE Quality Mark (REQM)

Pre-booking is essential, please email



Spiritual, moral, social and cultural (SMSC) development


SMSC  development is a key part of the new Ofsted inspection framework, which contributes to judgement on the effectiveness of the school.

The IEC is able to support schools in SMSC development through the programmes detailed above and also through;

Storytelling workshops
The Peace Studio
Indian Culture
Hindu dance workshops
Food tasting workshops

The SMSC Toolkit

Staff CPD


Religious Education 


The Bradford RE Agreed Syllabus 2011-2016

The Bradford Agreed Syllabus for religious Education is currently being reviewed by the Bradford Agreed Syllabus Conference.

Support Materials: study units and illustrative teaching materials


Reporting Attainment in Religious Education

The Bradford Agreed Syllabus 2011 - 2016 introduced the requirement for schools to report attainment in religious education  atthe end of  key stage 1, key stage 2 and key stage 3.

Please complete and return the Reporting Attainment in RE for pupils at the end of key stages 1 and 2 by July 31 2015.

Exemplar APP grids for recording progress in primary RE:
Level 1-2
Level 2-3
Level 3-4
Level 4-5


Model Policy for Religious Education.
Network meetings - every term for Primary RE Co-ordinators and Secondary Heads of Department
REsilience - how to teach contentious issues through secondary RE



Sacred Spaces DVDs
Supporting Bereaved Children


Information on how to subscribe & the support available from the Interfaith Education Centre
Application Form

Making a Difference

Resource Box Order Form      

Using Your Subscription      


Contact us at 
The Interfaith Education Centre
Margaret McMillan Tower
Prince's Way
01274 439379
Email: Interfaith Education Centre 

For more information about the services that are offered by the Diversity and Cohesion Service go to


Bradford SACRE


The Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education(SACRE) meets regularly at City Hall.  These meetings are open to the public. 
SACRE Constitution

SACRE would like to remind schools that the government's decision not to include RE in the e-bacc was based on the fact that RE is a legal requirement in all schools.  We are  in the process of assessing the impact of the introduction of the e-bacc on RE in Bradford secondary schools.
Could all schools ensure that the survey Religious Education in Secondary Schools  is returned as soon as possible.

Collective Worship and Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Education

The Interfaith Education Centre is able to support you in promoting spiritual, moral, social and cultural (SMSC) development and collective worship.  
Subsidiary Guidance to Inspectors January 2012 - with reference to SMSC
Collective worship 
Separate faith worship
All maintained schools have a statutory duty to provide a daily act of worship.

Schools may apply for a determination exempting them from the requirement that their collective worship is of a wholly or mainly broadly Christian character.


Collective Worship

Bradford SACRE has produced a new guidance and model policy document for collective worship it can be found here.

If a headteacher considers that collective worship ‘wholly or mainly of a broadly Christian character’ is inappropriate to the school community they may approach SACRE for a Determination.

NB For separate faith worship please complete the application for a series of determinations.
There are three types of Determination:
Whole School Determination      Exempting the whole school collective worship from being wholly or mainly of a broadly Christian character. (Inclusive Worship)

Part determination                        Allowing one faith/ belief group to meet for Faith Worship, other pupils will meet for worship which is wholly or mainly of a broadly Christian character.      
Series of determinations            Allowing a range of faith/ belief groups (to be specified) each to meet for faith worship, other pupils will meet for inclusive worship.

Applying for a Determination
Headteachers wishing to apply for a determination must consult with their governing bodies and are strongly advised to consult with parents and pupils.
Applications must be made on the standard Bradford SACRE application form which can be accessed by clicking on the type of determination that is required from the list above.

Schools Converting to Academies

When a school converts to an academy any determination granted by SACRE becomes invalid.  If the school wishes to continue collective worship which is not wholly or mainly of a broadly Christian character they must apply to the Regional Schools Commisioner for a new determination.  This should be done in readiness for conversion to an Academy, schools should not wait until their existing determination requires renewing.




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