School Financial Procedures

School Financial Procedures

Consultation July 2018 on revisions & re-issue of the Scheme for Financing Schools, Financial Regulations for Maintained Schools and School Contract Standing Orders:

The documents below set out the Authority's proposals for amendments to these documents. The deadline for responses to this consultation is Friday 12 October 2018:

Consultation outline and summary of proposals

Appendix 1 - Financial Regulations for Maintained Schools

Appendix 2 - Schools Contract Standing Orders

Appendix 3 - Scheme for Financing Schools


Guide to Financial Procedures

The Guide to Financial Procedures is a key document for schools, which describes in full the requirements, the statutory framework and expected good practice, which accompanies the delegation of budgets to schools.

Please be aware that the Financial Regulations for Maintained Schools are currently under review.

If you have an queries, please contact a member of the School Funding Team

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