School Finance: Who Do I Contact?

School Finance: Who Do I Contact?

Below is a list of contacts for general day to day queries on finance. If you have a query on an area that is not covered here, please contact your dedicated School Funding Team Officer. All maintained schools have a dedicated officer within the team. 

For a list of officers, contact numbers and the schools they are assigned to please click HERE. (List updated March 2024)

Children’s Services Reception at Margaret McMillan Tower; 01274 432111



Main Reason for Contacting


Telephone No.

Company / Department

6th Form Funding / Post-16

Queries & Information on 6th Form Funding and post-16 services

Angela Taylor
Matt Findull
Alistair Marshall

01274 439556

EEET (Education, Employment and Enterprise Team

Academy Conversion

Advice on academy conversion process and requirements prior to the conversion date 

Mir Haider

01274 435241

Education Client Services


The funding of Academies & income modelling for schools potentially aiming for academy status

Dawn Haigh

01274 433775

School Funding Team

Admissions & Appeals

Advice & guidance on admissions to schools and appeals

Rachel Phillips

01274 439200

Admissions Team

Asset Management

Advice on building, assets and safety issues

Sandra Moore

01274 431755

Bradford Council Asset Mgt Dept


Advice on Council audit and good practice

Karl Pease

01274 432249

Bradford Council Audit Department

Bank Payments (Council)

For unidentified credits/debits received from the Council on your bank statement

Accounts Payable /
Ghaffar Hussain

01274 432873 /
01274 437611

Bradford Council Creditor Payments

Building Schools for the Future

Advice for BSF schools on costs, contracts, service providers & funding


01274 43808

Bradford Council BSF Team

Business Manager / Bursar Forum (Primary)

Contact with the Primary Bursars Forum (regular meetings, advice & support)

Jenni Taylor /

Kate Evans

Pennine Academies Yorkshire

Business Manager / Bursar Forum (Secondary)

Contact with the Secondary Bursars Forum (regular meetings, advice and support)

Ashley Reed

01274 909120

Bradford Diocesan Academy Trust (BDAT)

Capital Funding

Advice on capital allocations and the processing of Devolved Formula Capital (for advice on Capital spending please contact the Capital Team direct on 01274 432656)

Debbie Cussans

01274 434173

School Funding Team


Queries/info relating to a journal or invoiced charges for school meals provision


01274 431899

Facilities Management


Advice on completion of the DfE’s termly census and access to census data

Rebecca Caladine /Vicky Jacques

01274 439648 / 01274 437813

Information Management Team

Children’s Centres


Advice on the Funding and Accounting Reporting Requirements for Children’s Centres

Jaclyn McManus


Bradford Council Early Years and Childcare

Consistent Financial Reporting (CFR) 

Queries relating to the CFR Structure or issues relating to the production and upload of your CFR at year end.      Dawn Haigh 01274 433775 School Funding Team

DBS Checks

Information on DBS (CRB) check process and progress

Rehana Swaleh

01274 436285

HR Vetting Service ×

Early Years

Advice on the provision of the Free Entitlement to Nursery education

Dawn Haigh / Lynda Steventon


Early Years Team

01274 433775 / 01274 437061(Schools & Maintained Nurseries) (PVI Providers)

School Funding Team


Early Years Team

Energy Management / Carbon Reduction

Advice on contract prices and details and energy saving measures

Kate Smallwood

01274 433885

Environment & Climate Change Unit

Exclusions and Behaviour Support

Advice & guidance on the funding of excluded & included pupils and BACS

Karen Roper

01274 439333


Behaviour Support Service

Formula Funding

General queries on how primary & secondary schools are funded, formula funding & Section 251 Budgets

Andrew Redding


Debbie Cussans


01274 432678



01274 434173



School Funding Team


Advice on suspected Financial misconduct

David Burns

01274 431595

Corporate Fraud


Advice and support for Governors, access to courses (including the Effective Financial Governance Course) and provision of a clerking service

Christina Low

01274 439400

Leadership & Governance Team ×

Growth Funding

Adjustments to school funding in year for growth in pupil numbers

Andrew Redding


Debbie Cussans     

01274 432678



01274 434173


School Funding Team

HCSS (Access Group)


Support and guidance on software use


0845 340 4546


Access Group



Advice on school insurance responsibilities and claiming processes

Graham Dalby

01274 432781

Council Insurance & Risk Management

Legal Services

Legal Advice on School Issues (contracts, regulations etc)

Joanne Gleeson

01274 432878

Bradford Council Corporate Law Team ×

Looked After Children

The funding of Children Looked After




Queries relating to termly payments in both Bradford and others LA's

Jonathan Cooper 

Fiona Wood

Debbie Cussans

01274 436401


01274 435280

01274 434173

CLA Virtual School Head 
Looked After Children

School Funding Team



Advice on maternity funding & the allocation of reimbursements to schools

Cathryn Whiteley

01274 435484

HR Advisory Service

New Communities and Traveller Children

Advice on provision for refugees, asylum seekers and children from traveller communities

Kate Hopton

01274 439393

New Communities and Travellers



Request a login id and password for Bradford Schools Online (BSO website)

Azeem Hussain

01274 435337

Information Management Team



Queries/info on payments to staff

Nominated Payroll Officer

01274 437546

Bradford Council Payroll ×

Payroll FBS Reports

Queries on Full Budget Share payroll reports uploaded to BSO

Jayne Whitehead

01274 432588

Bradford Council Payroll ×



Advice on Procurement legislation, good practice and value for money

Michelle Carroll

01274 434656


Bradford Council Procurement

Pupil Number Forecasts

Forecasted pupil numbers for future years

Claire Marshall-Swales

01274 439207

School Organisation and Place Planning

Pupil Premium


Queries and information on the Pupil Premium  

Debbie Cussans

01274 434173

School Funding Team



Information relating to rates charges for schools

SFT Contact

See SFT Officer Contact List at top of this page

School Funding Team

SAP Reports

Queries on SAP reports uploaded to BSO

SFT Contact

See SFT Officer Contact list at top of this page

School Funding Team

SAP Transactions


Unidentified items on SAP prints

SFT Contact

See SFT Officer Contact list at top of this page

School Funding Team

School Companies

Requirement to consult with LA when establishing a school company

Ian Smart

01274 431735

Education Client Services


Support and guidance on software use


01274 439300

E-ICT Service ×

Special Educational Needs


Funding of SEN Statemented pupils & SEN Formula Funding

Queries relating to the monthly High Needs Funding Statements

Alistair Marshall


Dawn Haigh    


01274 433775



School Funding Team

Staff Contracts


Queries/info on staff employment issues

HR Contact

01274 436644

HR School Support Service×



Advice on Schools’ VAT issues in first instance

Lynda Steventon

01274 437061

School Funding Team


× These services are only available to subscribers. If you would like information on the services available and the subscription fees please contact the number shown above against each service.



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