Talking Maths and Talk 4 Maths courses

Talking Maths was developed by Liverpool’s Mathematics and EMTAS Teams and is based on Bradford’s Talking Partners programme.

 It is a 10 week intervention programme which targets speaking and listening skills in the context of mathematical language, and is also useful CPD for staff wanting to incorporate more language for learning aspects in their maths lessons.

Initially aimed at pupils in Y1-Y3, Talking Maths has now been developed for Y4 - Y7 pupils.

Flyer can be downloaded here

Talk 4 Maths 

Education Works Ltd are providing two ½ day interactive courses to address the questions listed above and provide staff with the skills and knowledge of how to make maths real.

Talk 4 Maths practical guide and further details here




Published: 18/09/2014
Audience: BPIP Schools
Contact: Clare Reed

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