Oldfield Primary School achieves 360 E-Safety Quality Mark!

The Curriculum Innovation Team continues to work with schools to ensure their (E)Safeguarding provision meets Ofsted standards.

We have been working with many schools in Bradford including Oldfield Primary school over the last 12 months and we are pleased that they have become the third Bradford school in recent weeks to achieve the nationally recognised E-Safety Mark.


Oldfield Primary School has become the second school in Keighley to achieve 360 E-Safety Mark Accreditation, and third in Bradford to be recognised for its work in teaching children how to stay safe online.

The school recognises that (e)Safeguarding is a crucial aspect of  the curriculum. Children are accessing technology and the internet at an increasingly young age and as a result the concept of E-Safety is becoming increasingly important.

The whole school community have worked together to develop and implement the computing curriculum with a particular emphasis on (e)Safeguarding.

On the 22 July 2014, an assessor visited the school and conducted an E-Safety review. He talked to staff, parents, technical support (Datacable), children and governors to evaluate their knowledge and understanding.

Staff worked alongside the Bradford Curriculum Innovation team to prepare for the assessment. As part of this work, strategies were developed to teach children about the ways in which they can keep themselves and their families safe whilst online.

Mrs Lidstone-Green (Headteacher) would like to thank all of the school community for contributing to this award.  A special thank you goes to Mr Neil Clarke, the school’s ICT Manager and (e)Safeguarding Coordinator, who has coordinated this project.

For more information on how to acheive the E-Safety mark in your school please contact Paul.scott@bradford.gov.uk


Published: 23/07/2014
Audience: Headteachers, ICT Coordinators
Contact: Paul Scott

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