DfE 2nd Condition Data Collection Programme

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As part of the Department for Education’s (DfE) 2nd Condition Data Collection (CDC2) programme, DfE will be visiting your school to collect building condition and management information.

Prior to the site visit, they are requesting a Preliminary Virtual Meeting with schools and responsible bodies to gather some basic information to gain a better understanding of your school site.

A letter/email from the DfE to each school will provide background to the programme and include:

  • The dates and times of your proposed preliminary virtual meeting and site visit and what each will cover
  • The names of the surveyors who will visit your site
  • A CDC2 pack containing the questions to be covered in the preliminary virtual meeting (PVM)

Alternatively if you are unable to accommodate the PVM date, you can complete the PVM question pack and send it back to the DfE at CDC2.UKI@aecom.com. Any questions will then be answered on the CDC portal.

What the DfE are asking you to do
Your active involvement is vital to the success of the CDC2 programme. To help prepare for the preliminary virtual meeting and site visit, the DfE are asking that you take the following steps:




1. Contact us to confirm the preliminary virtual meeting and site visit dates and times, and whether your school is part of a complex site

You can contact us to confirm the required details by emailing CDC2.UKI@aecom.com. Once confirmed, you will be provided with a hyperlink to join the preliminary virtual meeting.
Once we have confirmed the dates and times of the preliminary virtual meeting and the site visit, we ask that cancellation is only requested in exceptional circumstances. This will help avoid delays in delivering the CDC2 programme.

Within 5 working days of receipt of this letter

2. Prepare for and attend the Preliminary Virtual Meeting

At the Preliminary Virtual Meeting, you will be asked basic questions about your school site and building management data. If you were visited in the CDC1 programme, you will also be asked if there have been any changes to the existing school site plan.
So you can come prepared for the preliminary virtual meeting, the school and building management questions and the existing site plan, if applicable, are enclosed in the CDC2 pack.

1-2 weeks before your site visit

3. Meet with the CDC2 surveyors

On the day of the school visit, the surveyors will need a short briefing meeting with you before they begin their inspection.
The meeting will take no longer than 45 minutes and will cover what the surveyors will need to know whilst inspecting the site to collect condition data for example final site plan review, any health and safety or operational issues, or coronavirus (COVID-19) requirements.

Day of the site visit

4. Access and reviewing your data

Your school’s CDC2 data will typically be available within 5 months of the site visit, once it has been checked and quality assured. It will be available to download from the CDC2 portal/gov.uk.

Up to 5 months after site visit

Should there be difficulties in accommodating the CDC site visit due to lack of staff onsite, please be aware that the DfE are able to complete site visits independent of supervision. Surveyors hold enhanced DBS clearance certificates and will present this as evidence during normal signing in procedure.


For more information regarding the CDC Programme can be accessed directly on gov.co.uk here

For further information please down load the following:


Published: 07/07/2021
Audience: Headteachers, Business Managers, Facilities Managers, Site Managers
Contact: Client Services

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