TeenTech West Yorkshire Launch and teacher briefing

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Do you want your students to really stand out from the crowd? To understand the skills employers really need?

On Wednesday 17th March, between 4-5 pm, the West Yorkshire Innovation Festival team will be holding a virtual teachers briefing/ Q&A event to get schools ready for the upcoming four-week programme of TeenTech Live sessions in May for primary and secondary students, featuring innovative local employers.

Teen Tech brings to life the world of tech for children aged 8-19 years old.

The Teen Tech programme will run in May on a virtual basis, bringing numerous live webinar events around a variety of themes across the tech sector, from green to the city of the future. The aim is to engage children and encourage more to progress with STEM learning,

It is an engaging and proven programme of experiential learning for all attendees and is open to every school/college across West Yorkshire, sign up details and schedule to follow post the launch event.

The launch event is on 17th March during Innovation Week and will provide a little insight into what the program of events will bring to the region.

Join the Teachers' Briefing /Q&A virtual twilight event where Maggie Philbin (Tomorrow’s World) and the TeenTech team will share ideas to ensure you and your students get the most value from the sessions.


  • Maggie Philbin -TeenTech

  • Dani Longhurst -TeenTech

  • Kathy Dare -TeenTech

  • Ali Maggs -TeenTech 


Register for the event here https://www.wyinnovationfestival.com/teentech-launch   



Published: 09/03/2021
Audience: All
Contact: Rebecca Smith

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