Please share Covid-19 stay safe messages with young people

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Bradford Council's communication team has created a series of images for social media designed to encourage (in particular) young people to stay safe while they are out at the moment. 

With few young people following the council's social media channels, it would be a great help to getting this message to a wide audience if schools would share the images on their social media channels.  

Some of the images are applicable to people of any age, but others specifically mention young people and appeal to their emotions, urging them to "Protect your parents. Protect your grandparents. They might not survive it."

There are square images which are a good size for WhatsApp messages and Instagram posts. There are also portrait versions which are formatted for Instagram stories.

The images are available via this Dropbox link: 




Published: 10/07/2020
Audience: All
Contact: Rebecca Smith

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