2019-20 Primary and Secondary End of Key Stage Estimated Collections

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Following the DfE publication of a policy to reduce the burden on educational and care settings on 20th April 2020 by cancelling the EYFS to KS5 collections in 2020, Bradford Council would like to offer a complimentary analytical service to all schools.

Whilst this policy reduces the burden on schools, it does leave a gap in the analysis of your school’s performance.  Bradford, along with many Local Authorities across England with the support of our partner NCER (National Consortium for Examination Results) plans to offer a limited analysis service this summer to support schools during these unprecedented times

Please note that this service is still being prepared and more information will follow in due course. 

The LA (supported by NCER and Angel Solutions) will offer a way of collecting teacher assessments for each of the cancelled DfE data collections this year from EYFS to KS4.  These estimates will be used to populate Nova and Insight software so enabling any of our head teachers or governing bodies who choose to opt in to this to see an analysis of their TA outcomes.  It will be possible to compare these ‘estimated’ outcomes against LA and NCER National averages.

This service will support schools in their self-evaluation and will not be used for any form of DfE , LA or Ofsted accountability.

Bradford Council will not charge you for this service. However, we will need you to send us your estimated End of Key Stage data.

If you would like your school to take part in this complimentary analytical service please send an email to IMTAnalysisTeam@bradford.gov.uk no later than Friday 22nd May 2020 with the name of your school, a contact name, contact email address and contact telephone number so that we can share the collection process with you once it has been finalised.

We are currently awaiting guidance from NCER on the finer details of the process and the expected timescales; however we expect the process to be very similar to the process used in the primary statutory collections last year.  At KS4 the LA will be able to upload GCSE results files from exam boards that are provided by schools and use these to populate Nova and Insight software, which schools can access.

If you have any questions regarding this service that we are offering schools, please contact Jonny Trayer on 07582 102600 or by email (jonny.trayer@bradford.gov.uk).

The IMT look forward to supporting your school by providing a valuable complimentary analytical service, during these difficult times.


Published: 22/05/2020
Audience: Primary and Secondary Headteachers, Senior Managers and Data Managers
Contact: Jonny Trayer

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